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  • HARMACY l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d

    Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

    HARMACY l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d

    Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

    HARMACY l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d

    Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

    Chief Officer Statement

    Dear Contractors. I hope all is well. The LPC have been working recently to update the strategy, vision and values to define the future direction of the LPC to ensure we add value and provide support to our local Pharmacy network and LPC members.


    Engage, empower and inspire patients, contractors and commissioners and integrate Community Pharmacy into the wider healthcare Team

    We are in the process of updating the website and adding up to date information to ensure that you have access to information you require when needed. You will also be receiving more communications and updates on varying topics as we have engaged key stakeholders in the local NHS ensuring we receive and cascade key information. We are working with local providers to provide you with new opportunities and represent the profession to ensure community Pharmacy will be integrated, recognised and supported going forward.

    We look forward to meeting and working closely with you over the coming months ensuring that our community pharmacist and teams are “ fit for purpose” providing support and resources to ensure that we are closely aligned to the NHS strategy needs of your local patients.

    This ensures that our collective vision to provide quality care to our patients and your local community remains true to our core purpose of delivering

    quality care and support improvement of outcomes as one united pharmacy profession. The unity of our profession and the contribution of each and every contractor remains a vital ingredient to ensure we continue to integrate the profession in the local NHS ensuring we are recognised and supported for the work we do and realise the potential that we have to deliver.

    I would request you all to support the Profession and each other at a time that we truly have a great opportunity to finally realise our potential and provide the services that we are capable of providing. This is primarily dependent on each and every one of you to deliver services and provide excellent care to patients so that you currently have to enable us to provide you with more opportunities that will both provide professional satisfaction and financial benefit.

    The financial pressures of the NHS and limited resource/ capacity of Urgent Care, Secondary Care and GP’s has resulted in an opportunity

    to potentially provide further services through community pharmacy e.g. minor ailments, emergency repeat medication services to reduce the burden on OOH and emergency care services.

    NMS and MUR delivery is key to demonstrating our capability to the local NHS. At present, we have an average of 200 MUR’s delivered by our contractors which is depriving contractors of £1,271,200 in an NHS that is currently in great financial difficulty. We are fortunate to have this opportunity and it is vital that we upskill our skills and competency to deliver NMS and MUR’s of high quality whilst building excellent relationships with your GP’s. The NHS are looking at our performance and delivery of these services so I hope you will be supportive to enable the LPC to provide you with opportunities going forward.

    Best Wishes Luvjit

    Leicestershire and Rutland LPC will innovate, inspire and support Community Pharmacy teams. As the representative body of Community Pharmacy, we reinforce the importance and value provided by our profession. We represent contractors in local and national consultations to NHS England, Health and Wellbeing Boards and PSNC; We support, provide resources and guidance to our pharmacy contractors; support local enhanced and commissioned services promoting our local pharmacies enabling us to deliver quality healthcare and improved outcomes to our patients

    SUMMER 2015



  • One year on from the National Review of Asthma Deaths (NRAD), Asthma UK has discovered over 22,000 people with asthma in the UK have been prescribed medicines in an unsafe and potentially life-threatening manner and 90,000 people in England have uncontrolled asthma which is not being monitored by healthcare professionals.

    However, community pharmacy teams can make a real difference in this area. PSNC’s report on community pharmacy and asthma, published this time last year in response to the NRAD, pulls together evidence from a number of local pilots and services to show the impact that community pharmacy teams can make in this area. For example, by helping people to understand and use their inhalers

    People with asthma need much better support, says new study

    ‘‘ ‘‘ correctly, we know that pharmacies can help people to better manage their conditions, reducing hospital admissions and even deaths caused by asthma.

    The report, along with useful resources for pharmacy teams, can be found on our devoted webpage: psnc. org.uk/asthma

    Have you joined the Asthma UK healthcare professionals’ community? You can sign up to the Asthma UK healthcare professionals’ community free of charge to receive a resource pack and regular updates on their work. Visit the Asthma UK website to sign up: www.asthma.org.uk/Sites/ healthcare-professionals

    HARMACY l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d

    Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

    HARMACY l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d

    Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

    HARMACY l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d

    Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

  • You will be receiving a free range of information and resources to support you in the delivery of EHC and Chlamydia Screening Public Health community based service from Public Health.

    This information will also be available on the Leicestershire and Rutland LPC website at; http://psnc.org. uk/leicestershire-and-rutland-lpc/ public-health-llr-ehc-and-chlamydia- campaign/

    The new EHC posters and window stickers have been produced in consultation with local young people and replace the old 'pink' laminated posters so please remove these and use the new images. If you have any queries about any of this information please contact the PH team on publichealthclaims@leics.gov.uk

    Public health information Campaign – EHC and Chlamydia – Leicestershire and Rutland LPC

    Pharmacists who will be providing the EHC under a community based services contract for Leicestershire and Rutland MUST also have attended a local EHC workshop. Booking is via the CPPE website at: www.cppe.ac.uk

    The required online modules (EHC and contraception, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults can be accessed at www.cppe.ac.uk

    The next workshop date is outlined below; Please contact Sejal.Gohil. cppe.ac.uk

    If there are no workshops available on the website please contact Sejal Gohil (Sejal.Gohil@cppe.ac.uk )to be placed on a waiting list as more training dates will be coming up very soon.

    CPPE Workshop - EHC for Pharmacists and pre-reg trainees.

    When: Wed, 16 September, 19:30 – 21:30

    Where :Premier Inn Leicester Fosse Park Hotel, Braunstone Lane East, Leicester LE3 2FW, United Kingdom (map)

    Description :Helen Marie Root register at ; https://www.cppe.ac.uk/

    The FAQ document contains important information relating to contacts for ordering material, training and payment queries.HARMACY

    l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

    HARMACY l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d

    Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

    HARMACY l e i c e s t e r s h i r e & r u t l a n d

    Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

    Please note: You are required to undertake face to face training every 3 years.

  • One of the most serious threats facing public health today is antibiotic resistance. Huge advances have been made in the treating and prevention of illnesses but today the pipeline of new antibiotics has slowed down.

    European Antibiotics Awareness Day (18th November) aims to encourage the responsible use of antibiotics.

    Antibiotics Expert Mark Gilchrist said: “The number of new antibiotics is at an all-time low; at the same time infections due to antibiotic-resistant bacteria are rising. Pharmacists are working with other health disciplines to combat the global threat of antibiotic resistance and preserve existing stocks of them by ensuring their appropriate use as well as increasing the public’s ‘understanding. Pharmacists know that antibiotics don't work for common viral illnesses such as colds and coughs, and they won't make you feel better any sooner. As winter approaches pharmacists are perfectly placed to advise on common ailments

    Antibiotic Resistance

    you or family members may need help with. Make the pharmacist your first point of call if you have a cough or a cold to make sure you treat yourself better without antibiotics”.

    Pharmacists can help prevent antimicrobial resistance in multiple ways. The guidelines on good pharmacy practice, prepared jointly by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and WH


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