engage learners by gamifying your lesson

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Engage Learners by Gamifying your Lesson TETA Instructional Technology Academy Julia Osteen March 14, 2017

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Engage Learners by Gamifying your Lesson

Engage Learners by Gamifying your LessonTETA Instructional Technology AcademyJulia OsteenMarch 14, 2017

Our MissionTo support teachers and leaders in improving student outcomes through proven professional learning and resources and to incubate innovative instructional ideas.



The Ayers Institute is a bridgeThe Gateway Bridge in Nashville, TN. Photo credit: Heather Reeder (http://www.heatherreeder.com/p442750684/h316E82E5#h316e82e5)Among educatorsBetween K-12 and higher edFrom policy to practice



The goal is to change the students mindset to a mastery orientationto promote motivation, engagement, active learningand to cultivate 21st century skills like collaboration, problem solving, creativity and systems thinking. Joey Lee, a research assistant professor of Technology and Education at Teacher's College, Columbia UniversityWhy gamification?

Gaming ElementsExperience points and leveling upMulti-player optionsBoss level challengesAchievements and badgesFeedbackEmbrace failure and additional practice

Experience points and Leveling upLevel Up Guide https://goo.gl/YlBCC0Leveling chart https://goo.gl/UoUoD5 (download the excel file)https://goo.gl/tlClG4 (make a copy in your google drive)Points earned by completing required and optional tasksMust earn experience to reach target challenges

Multi-player OptionsDevelops social skillsDevelops prosocial behaviorFosters a friendly spirit of competitionMore likely to be involved with civic or social movements

http://getkahoot.comYou create your kahoot as usual. As you begin the kahoot, you choose Team mode.Great for kids working in teams with a limited number of devices available.

QuizzizzTony Vincent provides a great summary of the features of Quizzizz http://learninginhand.com/blog/quizizz


Comparing the games


Input your own questions or find a pre-made quiz. Students join the game by logging in or with a game code and are assigned to one of two teams. The teachers computer can either display team progress on a projector screen or be for the teacher to view who is doing well and who might need some help with the content.quizalize.com

Boss Level ChallengesStart with passion.Timing is everything.Daunting but achievable.Seek allies.Make a schedule.

Pick a topic that you're passionate about: cooking, graphic design, comic books, dance, art museums, or anything. Students can tell when you are excited about something, and excitement can be infectious. The teacher's enthusiasm for the topic can drive the students' learning.Find a time in your school schedule that allows you take field trips, such as that window after the state exams when students are anxious for summer break.Come up with a design challenge that fits your topic.Gather resources and recruit other educators to help you. Knowledge-based institutions like museums and libraries, and even corporations with a presence in the community may be more willing to help than you imagine!Plan out mini-lessons to teach each step of the process.


Boss Level ChallengesExamples:Rube Goldberg https://www.edutopia.org/blog/boss-level-student-led-learning-rachelle-vallon


Boss Level Challenges


Boss Level ChallengesExamples:Rube Goldberg https://www.edutopia.org/blog/boss-level-student-led-learning-rachelle-vallon

Anti-bullying campaignhttps://www.edutopia.org/blog/students-break-system-of-bullying-rebecca-grodner


Boss Level Challenges


Achievements and Badges


Achievements and Badges

Achievements and Badges




Join the Ayers Institute class

Access the exit ticket

Embrace failure and additional practice

Embrace failure and additional practice

TipsStart smallPick one element to incorporateFeedback is key timeliness and specificityAward experience points for grit skillsIncorporate choiceOffering too many choices can overwhelm students

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