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  • 1. A Bakers Dozen Follower Best Practices
  • 2. 1. Personalize Your Message To Your Audience NEW LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  • 3. 2. Vary Your Content Through The Rule Of Threes Featured Employees Company News Thought Leadership A day in the life shows What exciting projects are Blog posts, research company culture, perks, happening at your company? papers, interesting articles benefits, and challenging Opening a new office? Share from your industry that are problems that are being articles that feature your useful to your audience solved. organization LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  • 4. Feature Employees or a Day In The Life LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 4
  • 5. Company News LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 5
  • 6. Thought Leadership LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 6
  • 7. 3. Encourage Your Audience To Participate Participate in the conversation with follow-up questions or answers Write updates that include clear calls to action(e.g., like, share, or Tell us something) Ask questions to spark participation in the discussion thread LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 7
  • 8. 4. Keep It Brief And InterestingStatus updates with >50 characters drive 28% higher engagement LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 8
  • 9. As Brief As It Gets! LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 9
  • 10. 5. Time Your Status Updates 70% of followers reached by a typical update are reached within the first 48 hours LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 10
  • 11. 6. Post Regularly And ConsistentlyCompanies that post 20 times per month Reach at least 60% of their unique audience LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 11
  • 12. 7. Think Creatively And Mix It UpFor every follower added, XYZ willdonate $X or a particular service to acause Tax deductible Major PR XYZ could be first of its competitors to do this on LinkedIn Be sure to show proof of results (also excellent PR!) so that audience knows this was not hoax Add a Follow Button to XYZ website & email signatures LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  • 13. 8. Plan And Organize The Editorial Execution January Focus: January Brand Theme: January Owner: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayJanuary 7th Company Event Video Poll/Question Recruiting Event PhotoJanuary 14th Company Event Article Video Photo Industry EventJanuary 21st Company Event Photo Article Video Industry EventJanuary 28th Company Event Poll/Question Photo Recruiting Event Article LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  • 14. 9. Monitor, Analyze, And Refine Track company Segment update Followers onengagement targetable metrics dimensions Track new Follower acquisition LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  • 15. 10. Extend The Reach Of Posts& Organically Grow Followers LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 15
  • 16. 11. Updates From People We Know Are More EngagingWhat a follower sees: 0.81% Avg Follower EngagementWhat followers networks see: 1.06% Avg Followers Networks Engagement LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  • 17. 12. Ensure Your Employees Are Sharing Posts Community of engaged, like-minded professionals noise message receptivity 52 58k+ Potential 4,546 Average Connections Reach +30% Followers networks have 30% higher engagement rates than followers 17 LINKEDIN INSIGHTS
  • 18. 13. And Of Course Promote Your Opportunities LINKEDIN INSIGHTS 18