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<p> 1. Engaged entrepreneurshipthe partnership between social engagementand enterpreneurshipMaurice Hermans 2. I grew upin Social Work&gt; BA in Community Work&gt; MA Comparative European Social Work&gt; Practitioner in different SW organisations&gt; Researcher CESRT ZUYD University&gt; Director Betawerk 3. (How) can social engagementand entrepreneurship form a partnership?...and is the traditional social work institutions still the best position to foster social change? 4. PM: I want to end the idea of the state as a happiness machine 5. Social Work practice&gt; inward looking&gt; re-active, not pro-active&gt; little climate for innovative approaches 6. EU: socialentrepreneurship&gt; positive return to society&gt; principles of transparancy &amp; accountability&gt; emotional connection to business goals&gt; link to engagement of founders 7. Growth is shrinkingshrinkage is growing 8. Shrinkage&lt; hardware&lt; software&lt; mentalware 9. City of Heerlen&lt; 90.000&lt; former mining city&lt; shrinking city #1 in Netherlands&lt; voted worst liveable city NL (6x)Heerlen is on the losing end of globalisation 10. Betawerk creates inspired ideasand interactive media for change 11. Change?&gt; for organisations&gt; issues of regional transition&gt; developing communities&gt; inspire re-thinking&gt; facilitate public debate interactive media is our main tool 12. Our population1 healthcare professional3 software developers2 designers 4 editors2 office/project managers1 cultural scientist 1 history teacher 1 sales manager 1 biologist (73 years old)1 social work professional 13. (by the way, were a family business) 14. Twoexamples 15. How&gt; public private partnerships&gt; from heavy institutions to light networks&gt; engage your creative community&gt; support bottom-up initiatives&gt; invest in knowledge transfer&gt; think cross-disciplinary (step out of organizational bounderies)&gt; use todays tools 16. So yes social engagementand entrepreneurship can go hand in hand 17. You can find me on&gt; de.linkedin.com/in/mauricehermans/&gt; www.ibeta.eu/blog&gt; www.slideshare.net/MauriceHermans1</p>