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  • Engaging Adult Learners Using Interactive Tools

  • Instructional GoalAt the end of the Web Based Instruction, the participant will be able to identify interactive technologies for adult learners and apply these technologies effectively in an adult learning environment.

  • ObjectivesRecognize interactive technology concepts that support elearningConduct research on multimedia components including audio,video and kinesthetic methods of elearning instructionContrast and compare types of interactive technology for adult learnersCompare methods of Cloud Assessment

  • Objectives (continued)Demonstrate proficiency with blog posting and social networkingPlan an elearning lesson using instructional design methodologyUse a technology tool such as a computer, mobile or other handheld learning device to develop a lesson using an interactive technology Share or copy and send the links to upload for assessment

  • Why Learn Interactive Technologies?Reach your audience through the most effective and engaging technologiesUse the right types of technology to reach adult learnersProvide training in the most innovative technological tools to assist educators in both elearning and on-site classrooms

  • Interactive Technologies to be ExploredMicrosoft Sway-dynamic presentation software Facebook/Twitter-social networking sites PlickersGoogle Apps-a suite of tools including Google Docs, Sheets, Sites, Excel and PowerpointBlackboard Coursesites/Collaborate

  • Interactive Technologies to be Explored (cont)YouTubePowToonsVimeoOnline images-free multimedia Wordpress and Blogger-free blogging platforms

  • What you need to know before you beginA working knowledge of how to navigate the Internet using a web browser The ability to download and install software and apps, use editing tools (copy and paste), and have a working knowledge of how to use a mobile device with a cameraThe ability to create a user-name and password for account logon procedures

  • What you need to know before you begin continuedPrevious experience identifying instructional goals, content and assessments for a lesson.Previous experience creating PowerPoint or Keynote presentations is helpful, as well as creating Word documentsKnowledge of how to print screen, attach documents, and send emails.

  • How to proceed through the lessonThe folders are named by the learning objective numbers. Proceed through the lesson in numerical order.The lesson content and assessments will be contained within each folder by learning objectives.An end-of course survey will be completed at the end of the workshop.