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Darren Ryemills quirky presentation on 'Engaging and Motivating your team' at Recruitment Directors Event February 2014


  • 1. Engaging and Motivating your team.www.opusrs.com

2. Introduction o Founded Multiple MultiMillion pound Recruitment Businesses o Opus Recruitment Solutions Ltd 2008 o Recruitment International Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 www.opusrs.comEngaging and Motivating your 3. We have never lost anyone that we wanted to keep!!! www.opusrs.com 4. Carrot and Stick..Recruitment Incentives, etc.. 5. What is the Strongest Emotion?belief blif / Noun 1.an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof. "his belief in extraterrestrial life" 2.trust, faith, or confidence in (someone or something). "a belief in democratic politics" 6. Company Aim What is the likelihood of success?The Team! Engaging and Motivating yourWhat are we trying to achieve?Company Values 7. How do we create belief? 1. Do you Believe? 2. Be Honest. 3. Tell the Story Engaging and Motivating your 8. Not Everyone Believes! Do not surround yourself with these people! Recruit people who share the belief!Engaging and Motivating your 9. The will must be stronger than the skill Muhammad Ali Engaging and Motivating your 10. Know This - Everyone Leaves!!!The Win-Win is to maximise the time together!Engaging and Motivating your 11. Give them reasons to o Commission v Basic (up to 37% stay! Commission) o Career Development Promotion / Opportunity o Continual Improvement Engaging and Motivating your 12. Give them reasons to Make them feel they are part of stay! something special.This is their time to create history and achieve something great!Engaging and Motivating your 13. You are part of the Team!!!! Display the values you believe in AND Demand! Be the Environment you want to have! Play by the rules! Out work everyone.Out care everyone. Why would I follow me? Engaging and Motivating your 14. The Great Game of Business!!!! Jack Stack Open Book Management Clear Communication on The Big Numbers Identify an Opponent! .. Or enemy! Or target! Engaging and Motivating your 15. Minimum Performance Targets! Not Huge Basics.Clear visible published results no one is protected!Engaging and Motivating your 16. Incentives make them inclusive! Annual Australia, Thailand, Ryder Cup, World Cup, etc 6 Monthly Ski Trips, Las Vegas. Quarterly - Monaco GP, Lisbon, Barcelona, etc. Monthly Michelin Star Restaurants, Hospitality @ Ascot, British GP, BMW PGA. Engaging and Motivating your 17. Questions?Engaging and Motivating your