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How the Liverpool Daily Post has attempted to grown online and print audiences through engagement and interaction


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2. How do you get your news?

  • 83.9% of all British adults (41m people) read a regional newspaper
  • 28.1% of those do not read a national
  • The average Briton spends 27.8 minutes reading their local paper
    • The regional press is a 4bn industry -advertising contributes 73% of all revenues.

3. Wrong. People are accessing their news differently... From this:To this:And the biggest change of all is:CHOICE 4. There are more news sources than ever 5.

  • Reachpeople
  • Segmentour audiences
  • Startconversations
  • Engageandinteractaudiences
  • Seekviews, help, feedback, information
  • Open new channels ofcommunication
  • Be moretransparent
  • Acceptaccountability

We need to find more effective ways to: 6. segments its regional audience to target the Business sector

  • Focusing on a niche market of business professionals
  • Offering bespoke print and digital channels for that market
  • Inviting feedback and listening to it
  • Striving for convergence by working across platforms with external partners

7. Our audience ( 2006 research )

  • Wealthy, middle-aged, influential and intelligent
  • Professional and Managerial - Service sector
  • Enjoy golf, eating out,
  • Typically respond to financial services, car advertisements
  • Low-tech
  • Relatively small population group

8. Our audience ( 2007 research )

  • Growth in 25-34-year-old readership
  • 25% are social grade AB
  • Loyal (60% read the LPD 4+ times a week)
  • 25% hold executive roles, mainly within the Public Service or Financial Services sectors
  • 27% read the LDP before 9am; 34% between noon and 3pm

9. What had changed?

  • 6,000 free copies of the Daily Post being circulated in key city commuter areas
  • Relaunched, stand-alone websitewww.liverpooldailypost.co.ukwith daily business news bulletins
  • Niche portalswww.ldpbusiness.co.ukandwww.ldplegal.co.uk

10. And in 2008...

  • 60% increased readership frequency since free copies made available
  • Sponsored niche online & print platforms
  • Launch of:
  • LDP Business radio show
  • LDP Business magazine
  • LDP Business Club
  • LDP Mobile
  • LDP Creative
  • Blogs & podcasts
  • 3 rdparty daily Markets bulletins
  • Live-blogging major events
  • Sponsored business and legal awards

11. Some examples... 12. And in 2009...

  • Website redesign
  • More niche online channels planned
  • Linking out and SEO to be implemented as standard
  • Reporters to have greater control over storytelling/presentation
  • Ning social networks under development
  • Landing pages project will see greater value for online users
  • Introduction of new online commenting system

13. Discovering what our audience wants...

  • Online tools (e.g. Omniture, Google Keyword) can help us create effective, searchable digital content
  • News video packages short, rich information bursts
  • Timelines encourage return visits for updates
  • Blogs promote interaction
  • Image galleries especially networking events!
  • Podcasts a welcome diversion from the commute
  • Forums provoke debate and lead to reverse publish opportunities

14. Tailoring content packages

  • Dedicated print pages daily, weekly 16-page supplement
  • Bi-monthly magazine focusing on industry sectors, personalities, issues and events
  • Downloadable content podcasts, radio show
  • Rss feeds, ftse ticker, e-newsletters
  • Liveblogs of interest-specific events eg. financial crisis
  • Branded YouTube channel extends reach

15. Growing our audience

  • Online professional networks e.g. LinkedIn extends our connections
  • Facebook groups allow us to discover/join conversations...
  • ... as do bloggers
  • Online tagging provides greater depth for online readers
  • Geo-tagging gives area-specific stories

16. Growing our audience

  • LDP Business writers encouraged to establish themselves as brands
  • Innovative storytelling promoted and shared as best practice e.g. Crowdsourcing, online polls, marketing story ideas
  • Transparency and accountability must be viewed as important as accuracy and reputation

17. Marketing ourselves - LDP Business Club

  • 800 members since Feb 2008 launch - 96% from CEO/MD managerial tier
  • Members-only website channel within ldpbusiness.co.uk
  • Receive exclusive content daily e-newsletters/business bulletins/offers
  • Business breakfast meetings, hosted events and networking meets
  • Emphasis is on exclusive status of club and networking opportunities

18. FINALLY... 19. Engaging the business community

  • Remember: They are time-poor but technology-rich
  • Deliver information in quick, easy to access/load packages
  • Listen to feedback business people know what they want
  • Provide real-world interaction but make it easy for them build professional local networks online too