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You’ve created a Facebook account, sent a Tweet and pinned a few items to Pinterest. Now what? To engage your community, you’ll need a social media strategy, and a philosophy of engagement that wins the hearts and minds of your followers. This session assumes familiarity with social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


  • 1.Engaging Communities Through Social Media Sarah Coleman Jefferson County Public Library sarah.coleman@jeffcolibrary.org

2. Presentation Outline Philosophy of Community Engagement Social Media Strategy Tactics Questions? Philosophy Strategy Tactics 3. Philosophy of Community Engagement Goal: Create emotionally invested followers for your organization or cause. Image credit: http://blog.kromamarketing.com/blog/2012/10/15/emotional-investment-emotional-capital/ 4. Philosophy of Community Engagement Create a space for followers to interact with each other, and you Deliver content that has value to your followers; put yourself in their shoes Ask your followers what they want Do not talk like a brand with followers, give your organization a human voice NO overt advertising/marketing 5. Community Engagement Example: Sharpies Website 6. Community Engagement Example: Sharpies Instagram 7. Social Media Strategy Who will manage social media accounts? How many times a week will you post? I dont have time for multiple social media accounts! Scheduling posts with HootSuite Time to answer comments/interact? 8. Strategy: Planning Your Social Media Content Dynamic vs. Pre-Planned Content The Power of the Image Using Humor Re-Posting Content From Friends Feeds Examples of Pre-Planned Topics Examples of Dynamic Topics Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) Local festivals and events Library programs Library Friends Book Sales E-books for Beginners Book-of-the-day Response posts for trending topics on Google New book and movie release information Sharing content from friends accounts 9. Strategy: Measuring Responses To Posted Content Facebook Insights Learn to Use Facebook Insights: http://goo.gl/DGtDN 10. Strategy: Measuring Responses To Posted Content Pinterest Analytics Learn to Use Pinterest Analytics: http://goo.gl/P857r 11. Strategy: Maintaining a Two-Way Conversation Dealing with complaints, negativity Answer followers in a timely fashion Images via: http://www.pamorama.net/2013/06/09/7-types-of-social-media-fans-how-to-connect-infographic/#more-7906 12. Tactics: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words 13. Tactics: Humor 14. Tactics: Infographic 15. Tactics: Get Them Involved 16. Tactics: Deal With Public Criticism 17. Tactics: Dont Feed The Trolls 18. Tactics: Great Tweets 19. Tactics: Perfect Pins 20. Questions?


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