Engaging Communities with the democratic process

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Engaging Communities with the democratic process. The role of CLD in building a culture of participative democracy. Purpose of the workshop. To raise the issue of low and falling levels of voting with particular emphasis on the young, those in poverty and with additional learning needs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Engaging Communities with the democratic process.</p> <p>Engaging Communities with the democratic process.The role of CLD in building a culture of participative democracy.Purpose of the workshopTo raise the issue of low and falling levels of voting with particular emphasis on the young, those in poverty and with additional learning needs.To examine the role of CLD practitioners and local government in addressing political literacy and participationTo question whether the Independence referendum represents an opportunity or a threat to the potential of increasing levels of interest and participation in politics at a local, national and European level.What is the extent of the problem?Disgruntled, disillusioned and disengaged: New Hansard Society research shows people turning away from national politics. The 2012 Hansard Society annual Audit of Political Engagement, shows that the publics growing sense of indifference to politics as highlighted in last years Audit has hardened into something more serious as public attitudes become more negative: 42% say they are interested in politics (down 16 points, to the lowest level ever recorded in the nine-year Audit series)Liberal Democrat supporters down 22 points to 50%Conservative supporters down 8 points to 65%Labour supporters down 12 points to 48%44% say they are knowledgeable about politics (down 9 points)Liberal Democrat supporters down 15 points to 46%Conservative supporters unchanged at 61%Labour supporters down 11 points to 45%48% say they are certain to vote in the event of an immediate general election (down 10 points to the lowest level ever recorded in the Audit series)30% say they are unlikely or absolutely certain not to vote (up 10 points)</p> <p>The media particularly the print press and specifically tabloids do not appear to greatly benefit our democracy from the perspective of nourishing political engagement. Indeed, in this respect, the press, particularly the tabloids, appear not to be living up to the importance of their role in our democracy. (Audit 2012 Part 2)Disenchanted and disinclined: a gloomy prognosis for future engagement Where have all the voters gone?18-24 year olds: an uncertain future for voting</p> <p>CfE Briefing 14: Curriculum for Excellence - Political Literacy.What is political literacy?In CfE, political literacy is central to citizenship education. It is the particular combination of attributes and capabilities, skills (including higher-order thinking skills), knowledge and understanding that helps learners to become responsible citizens and to participate in societys decision-making processes. Political literacy is one of the foundations of modern democracy and its guardian. It is the means by which citizens make informed choices about the kind of society they want to live in. It helps everyone to understand political decisions and how they affect their own lives. It is the vital set of attributes and higher-order thinking skills that enables evidence and reasoned debate to trump unsubstantiated assertion and hyperbole.Political literacy matters in a society whose values are wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity, one which demands equalities and fairness for all, and one which cherishes the right of every citizen to make up and express her/his own mind.</p> <p>Questions?Does CLD have a role in developing political literacy?Has this role diminished in the last 20 yearsShould CLD practitioners seek to develop this role if so then how?What is CLDs role if any in encouraging participation in the Referendum debate?Are there examples of good practice?What role will CLDMS members play?</p>