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by Graeme Mackay Head of Knowledge Management Fujitsu UK & Ireland


  • 1. Corporate Digital CommunitiesFujitsus ExperienceGraeme MackayHead of Knowledge ManagementFujitsu UK & Ireland
  • 2. Context UK & Ireland Region Mixed experience of traditional f2f Revenue: 1.8bn communities Last 12 months been pushing online communities - enabled by internal social platform ~11,500 employees > 30 main service locations Key business is delivery of IT Services People intensive business - dependent on highly skilled people Fast changing & evolving market 1
  • 3. Purpose of Communities Connect People & Content Improve Collaboration Find & Develop Expertise Give People a place to Meet & Share People-centric Enable Learning & Re-Use Enhance Communication & Engagement 2
  • 4. Adoption Patterns Good cause communities flourish quickly & easily Children in Need Global Corporate Charity & Community Challenge initiatives Existing / natural communities follow soon after Learning & Development Lean 3
  • 5. Learning & Benefits Online communities have low barriers Where they work they provide real to entry and exit value to members Success is by no means guaranteed Lots of examples of unique interactions Key dependency - good facilitator(s) Seeing new models of communication Community members must be emerging engaged on a shared topic Increased engagement from more Must focus on clear benefits for employees members In some cases seeing a real sense of Existing or natural communities are excitement & enthusiasm early adopters Seeing early signs of changes to But not always! working practices and behaviours Not always easy to predict where successful communities will come But theres a long way to go from Close down communities that dont work 4


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