engaging, empowering, educating and preparing all students for the 21 st century

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  • Engaging, Empowering, Educating and Preparing all students for the 21st Century.

  • We have the obligation to reinvent education in a way that will engage, empower and educate all students

    We have the opportunity to help students find their passion and to help develop passionate life long learners

    The need to create 21st Century learning environments that look and feel more like Starbucks and less like prison

    A duty to redefine curriculum filled with relevant content and context and build critical thinking skills

    This requires bold digital age leadership and unconstrained visionThinking DifferentlyImage Credit: Hugh D'Andrade

  • Old media newspapers, 6pm network news

  • In 1969, the Neiman Marcus catalogoffered the first home PC a stylish stand-up model called the Honeywell Kitchen Computer, priced at$10,600.

    Despite countless brainstorming sessions the only application the Honeywell team could think of for a home computer (aside from checkbook balancing) was recipe card management.In 1969, who could have imagined an iphone?

  • US Department of Labor Estimates that todays learner will have over 10 jobs by age 38 ( 1)

    In a flat world workers compete globally.

    We are preparing students for jobs that do not even exist!The power of 6 billion connect PCs / People

  • "The legacy of the one room school house is holding back the potential of the one-world classroom Reference Report of the Web-Based Education Commission to the President and the US CongressWhat is holding back the transformation of education?

  • "The U.S. Classroom is a 150 year-old, relatively low-cost technology, worn out by changed conditions for meeting these requirements." -- The Power of Internet Learning, A Report of the Web-Based Education Commission to the President and the US Congress.

    Educators, policymakers and business leaders need to embrace a vision that embeds 21st century skills into every aspect of education. --- Source: Partnership of 21st Century Skills Dept. of US Education

    They said it.

  • Alvin ToflerAuthor and Futurist

    We are living through the deepest upheaval in the world knowledge system since our species started to think. Until we digest that point our best laid plans in the future will misfire.

    The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those that not read and write but those who can not learn and unlearn.

    -----Alvin Toffler is a writer and futurist known for his works discussing the digital revolution, and is a former associate editor of Fortune magazine.They said it.

  • Marc PrenskyThought Leader in Education Masters in Teaching, Yale / MBA Harvard University

    Todays learners are not the ones our systems (and teachers) were designed and trained to teach. For the first time in history, learners are no longer limited by their teachers ability and knowledge. Learners are looking for 21st century skills and knowledge and our teachers dont have them.

    -----Marc Prensky is an internationally acclaimed speaker, writer, consultant, and designer in the critical areas of education and learning. He is a former high school teacher. They said it.

  • Bill GatesMicrosoft Founder

    "What good is it for kids to graduate in 2006 from a school system that was designed for 1956?"

    ----- Bill Gates is determined to use his fortune to change the crisis in American schools. They said it.

  • Dr. Larry SmarrDirector, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information TechnologyUCSD

    Education must move toward real-time. Kids don't understand sitting in classrooms, looking at books written 20 years ago."

    ----- Dr. Smarr is a pioneer in prototyping a national information infrastructure to support academic research, governmental functions, and industrial competitiveness. They said it.

  • Shirley Grover, Principal, aka Chief Learner Former Principal, Philadelphia's High School of the Future

    While the school of the futures environment is continuous, relevant, and adaptive, relevant is the real linchpin.

    Many teachers bristle when students ask them the time-honored question, Why do we need to know this? But from her point of view, if a teacher can't answer that question the lesson plan is underdeveloped.

    At Philly 'Future' School, Books Are So 20th CenturyThey said it.

  • Michal FurdykFounder of Taking IT Global

    "Why is the educational system failing? Lack of engaging, relevant content and context.

    -----Michael Furdyk is a consultant and speaker. He is passionate about helping to raise awareness of how organizations can engage and motivate the next generation of students, employees, and entrepreneurs. They said it.

  • Always On: Today's kids are born into a media-rich, networked world of infinite possibilities.Credit: David Julian

  • Robert Tapscott, Author, Futurist.

    The Net Geners:

    The first global generation and smartest ever.

    Empowered young people are beginning to transform every institution of modern life.

    The average 20 year old has spent 20,000 hours on the internet and 10,000 hours playing video games.

    The problem is not the net generation but befuddled baby-boomers, that are clueless about the revolutionary changes taking place among the young.

  • Best Practices Asia Tour Tokyo Seoul Beijing Hong Kong Shanghai Singapore Kuala Lumpur Incheon5 Countries, 8 Cities, 38 Buildings & 2 schools. China is the most vibrant place on the planet.more urgency, more speed.

  • China is not content to serve as factory to the globe. A dynamic business savvy and digitally literate generation is poised to redefine China. A country where everything is happening at warp speed, there is a sense of urgency - waiting around isn't an option.I told our kids, you are not competing with the student down the hall, the street or across the country.

  • American SchoolAsian % Harvard 18%Columbia 25%UC Berkley 42%Stanford 25%

    American Asians make up 4% of the US population and 20% of the Ivy League.A Love For Learning

  • Language Total / Million

    Mandarin Chinese875 MM

    Hindi (India)366 MM

    English341 MM

    Spanish325 MM

    Bengali207 MMMandarin Chinese The # 1 Language In the WorldMandarin Chinese is already the most popular first language on the planet, beating out English by 500 million speakers.and is now being taught in San Diego Public SchoolsWhat language is your child learning?Source: www.ethnologue.com/

  • The worker of the future.is a passionate lifelong learner!That will be able to competein a connected world.

  • When everything is connected!

  • Point Loma High School Web Site Stats

  • Source - Partnership For 21st Century SkillsDo students have 21st Century skills?

    Skill% Important % Doing Well Computer and tech skills - Digital Literacy87%48%Reading comprehension85%22%Critical thinking and problem solving80%18%Written communications78%17%Oral communications77%16%Ethics and social responsibility75%15%Creativity and innovation73%19%Teamwork and collaboration73%20%Life-long learning and self-direction72%12%Media literacy67%15%Mathematics66%26%Global awareness66%13%Leadership66%17%Science62%20%

  • Why Do We Need Innovation In Education?

  • Whenever I go to school I have to power down a High School StudentI cant wait to get there! The Secret Sauce.from having to learn to wanting to learn!

  • Kids view school as a Qantas Flight. Sit down Face forward Strap yourself in Turn off your electronic devices

    and be bored for several hours. If you are lucky the trip will be relevant, if not you can resume your life in 4 or 5 hours. Reference Stephanie Powers, Apple/Director of Mobile Learning

  • Sentimental image of Huckleberry Finn, who had little taste for formal education.

    Complacency - American parents have led grass-root protests against attempts to extend the school, or increase the amount of homework.

    We still find it hard to believe that all those Chinese students will steal our childrens jobs.

    Brain work is going the way of manual work, to whoever will provide the best value for money.

    --- Source: The Economist June 2009Americas Lazy School Children

  • International Comparison - 250,000 Students Tested (2003)Math, Reading & Science - 41 Countries 15 YearMost Industrialized Countries (Britain Not Available America is Flunking!!ReadingRankMathRankScience Rank Finland1Hong Kong1Finland1South Korea2Finland1Japan1Canada2South Korea1Hong Kong2Australia3Netherlands2South Korea2Liechtenstein2Liechtenstein2iechtenstein5New Zealand4Japan3Australia5Ireland6Canada5Macao (China)5Sweden7Belgium5Netherlands5Netherlands7Macao (China)6Czech Republic5Hong Kong7Switzerland6New Zealand6Belgium9Australia9Canada8Norway11New Zealand9Switzerland10Switzerland12Czech Republic12France12Japan12Iceland13Belgium12Macao (China)12Denmark13Sweden13Poland12France14Ireland13France12Sweden15Hungary14United States12Austria16Germany14Denmark15Germany17Poland17Iceland17Ireland17Slovak Rep18Germany15Slovak Rep19Iceland19Austria14Norway21United States20Latvia14Luxembourg22Austria19Czech Rep17Poland22Russian Fed20Hungary24Hungary22Latvia20Spain24Spain25Spain22Luxembourg25Latvia25Italy22Portugal25United States25Norway24Italy26Russian Fed29Luxembourg26Greece27Portugal29Greece25Slovak Rep 29Italy29Denmark30Russian Fed32Greece32Portugal31Turkey32Serbia32Uruguay33Uruguay33Turkey33Serbia33Thailand35Uruguay34Turkey33Serbia35Thailand34Th


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