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<p>Engaging Teachers &amp; Learners</p> <p>Engaging Teachers &amp; Learners100 percent participation with TodaysMeet and Voxer</p> <p>.com</p> <p>.comCreate a chat room in seconds from the TodaysMeet.com home page</p> <p>Pick an easy name for attendees or students, as the Pick a name field creates a URL like this: todaysmeet.com/corwinretreat</p> <p>Designate an appropriate time to keep the room open</p> <p>Teachers might opt for the 1-hour option</p> <p>Ask all participants to pick a name. Students should use first and last names, as teachers may keep a record of the chat. Dont forget to click Join.</p> <p>TodaysMeet mimics Twitter, so all posts are limited to 140 characters. Dont forget to click Say.Watch your character count.</p> <p>Respond at todaysmeet.com/corwinretreatRoom tools provide options, like embedding a transcript or live stream into your blog/website</p> <p>Voxer is available for your iOS or Android device from your App store.</p> <p>Teachers using Voxer for feedback should consider the Pro version.</p> <p>Teachers might use the web version of Voxer, much like TodaysMeet, creating a classroom chat that can be managed from the web.Easily add people to groups and share recorded voice, text message or pics.</p> <p>Pro users can have students create free accounts and add them to class groups or to an entire rosterup to 500 people.</p> <p>Create a group chat on an Android deviceTeachers Throwing Out Grades Voxer Group</p> <p>Email me or Vox me at markbarnes19 to join</p> <p>Use gear icon to manage members and for other options</p> <p>Manage contacts, chats, profile, and notes here.</p> <p>Add pictures</p> <p>Notes are excellent for reminders, ideas, grocery lists, etc. </p> <p>Plus, like any single Vox, they can easily be shared to the web and with other contacts, using the share icon.</p> <p>Share any single note or Vox in many ways.</p> <p>Charlie Gleek provides recorded narrative feedback for a student on Voxer.</p> <p>Website: markbarnes19.com brilliant-insane.com@markbarnes19Email: mark.barnes@corwinlearning.net</p>