engaging learners with new strategies and tools

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  • Engaging Learners with New Strategies and Tools

    EDUC-7102-2/EDUC-8842-2 Principles of Distance EducationModule 4October 25, 2011Graphic Organizer

  • Learning cannot exist without there being topics and CONTENT. And that content cannot be transferred if COMMUNICATION does not occur.

  • During the learning process, it is also helpful to work COLLABORATIVELY. However, it is impossible to have collaboration without some type of COMMUNICATION.

  • Finally, to connect the cycle, the CONTENT that needs to be COMMUNICATED, can be COMMUNICATED through multiple avenues that include COLLABORATION with others.

  • WIKISPACES is an example of educational technology that allows for students to collect and build content, communicate, and collaborate in multiple fashions. Students can participate in "Discussions," create "Webpages," "Email" each other to communicate, and build other collections of work together.