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<ul><li><p>Engaging Learning Communities:The Power of the Blackboard Community System</p></li><li><p>Table of ContentsChallenges and SolutionsAchieving Success with the Blackboard Community SystemCase Studies and Best Practices</p></li><li><p>Challenges Faced by Learning InstitutionsEngaging StudentsMeeting the needs of a diverse student body, from the Millennial generation to adult learnersDelivering effective student servicesRetentionRemediation</p></li><li><p>Challenges Faced by Learning InstitutionsRevenue Generation and Effective Resource Use Developing innovative programsFostering distinctive identities for different programs and departmentsGlobalizationFinding international partnersEnsuring that students have a global perspectiveFostering 24 x 7 information access and exchange</p></li><li><p>Overview of Key Capabilities in the Blackboard Community System</p></li><li><p>Academic Services &amp; CollaborationEngages students in academic and co-curricular collaboration with peers, faculty, and the community</p><p>Offers convenient one-stop access to student services and coursework</p><p>Preserves unique identities of programs and colleges when online, saving resources</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on One-Stop Access to ServicesThe Blackboard Community System provides a single access point for students to find critical servicesAccess to coursework, content repositories, campus wikis, libraries, and other academic servicesLinks to institutional portals, e-Commerce functionality, and other critical campus servicesTimely, targeted announcements, news, and event information</p><p>Institutions with successful portals can augment these capabilities by using the Blackboard Community System as an Academic Gateway</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on Learning CommunitiesThe Blackboard Community System connects people across and throughout the campus with powerful tools and shared workspacesLearning communities, including cohorts, study groups, and academic projectsFaculty committees, working groups, and research teamsAcademic advising, tutoring, and peer mentoringExtra-curricular clubs and groups, student government, and volunteer organizations</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on Online IdentitiesThe Blackboard Community System allows campus constituencies to manage their own online presences, while leveraging a single, central infrastructureLet different schools, campuses, or programs have their own branded identityDelegate control by creating domains and domain administratorsUse a powerful role engine to customize user permissions, access, and look-and-feel</p><p>A member of the faculty</p><p>A full-time student </p><p>An online student </p></li><li><p>Spotlight on Channels and ModulesDeliver regularly updated headlines and content to usersIndividual users can customize their personal web pages Availability of modules is role-based Deliver over 100 modules and channelsBuild an unlimited number of additional ones</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on ModulesProvide high visibility to bricks-and-mortar and online services to help students succeed Offer easily-accessed information about existing services and opportunitiesCohorts and peer groups can leverage online learning environments to help each other</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on e-CommerceCharge for items via a students campus card or credit card including:ServicesEvents Merchandise Courses Organization membership Other items View their one-card account balance, transaction history, and deposit funds**with the Blackboard Commerce Suite</p></li><li><p>Case Studies and Best Practices</p></li><li><p>Learning Communities at Grand Rapids Community CollegeAbout Grand Rapids Community College14,000 students enrolled in over 1,600 liberal arts and occupational courses; another 10,000 in non-credit classesAll Academic Tutoring labs have Blackboard organization sitesProviding informational resourcesFacilitating collaboration and communication</p></li><li><p>Learning Communities at GRCCIn Fall 2006, the Tutoring Center began a program to galvanize student-initiated study groups Research showed that students connected to the educational community succeed at higher ratesBlackboard organization sites for each study group</p></li><li><p>Innovative Programs at Arcadia UniversityFast Facts on Arcadia3,500 studentsStudent-to-faculty ratio of 12:1The Arcadia PromiseU.S. News and World Report recognized Arcadia as one of its top 22 study abroad programs in the U.S. in 2005MyArcadia</p><p>Our goal is to have every student participate in an off-campus experience that is culturally different. We use Blackboard to integrate back and forth.- Norah Shultz, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Faculty Development at Arcadia University</p></li><li><p>Student Services at Arcadia UniversityFreshman who study abroad in Arcadias award-winning First Year Study Abroad Experience use MyArcadia to access course materials and campus resources</p><p>Community-building and easy access to support services are critical for students studying remotely at the start of their academic careersEven though they spend their first college semester overseas, these freshman are already integrated into the fabric of the stateside campus when they arrive in January, thanks to the virtual connections they have been making through My Arcadia. Theyve been using our library while they were overseas, seeing campus announcements and photos, e-mailing friends, and accessing services. - Param Bedi, CIO and Associate VP for Technology, Arcadia University</p></li><li><p>Durham UniversityFast Facts about Durham University:Higher education university10500 undergraduates, 3000 graduates16 separate colleges</p><p>The Blackboard Community System (Durham University Online Duo) serves as the student portalOne stop shop for accessing services and ensuring effective student services</p><p>Dedicated institution role for Freshers prior to arrival on campusBuilding community, forging tiesIndividual colleges have separate identities and ways to communicate with students</p></li><li><p>Custom Building Blocks at Seneca CollegeFast Facts about Seneca College18,000 full time students80,000+ part time students9 campusesCentral point of access for all users. Applicant Alumni; Staff Senior ExecutivesProvides centralized services with custom building blocks and integration with other on campus services.Personalized content targeted to individual roles and delegated administration to ensure content is accurate and up to date.</p></li><li><p>Sheffield Hallam Universitys Student PortalFast Facts about Sheffield Hallam University:32,000 learners, 3000 staff membersOffers traditional full-time courses and distance learning and part-time coursesThe 2007 Portal Evaluation study showed that the portal as a key part of the student learning experience;60% described the portal as essential31% described it as valuable.</p><p>It is my life!!!! I get all the information I need. If it wasnt for the portal, I wouldnt know where I was or what I was doing.</p><p>I find that university is very different from school. I would feel a lot more alone and scared if it were not for the student portal. It brings everyone together and it is a way of feeling like a unit and engaging in the university life.</p><p>I have seen other university systems and Im proud to show my friends from these universities how efficient our system is. - Sample of Student Feedback</p></li><li><p>Organizations Serve Students at Sheffield HallamStudent Support services use Organization sitesTeam DyslexiaThe University English Scheme The Mentoring Project Placement supportOrganizations are set up for each course cohortProviding key information about the courseEnabling discussion groupsEnsuring that administrators can hear and respond to student feedback.Role-based capabilities of the Blackboard Community System are critical to successThe portal knows who you are and provides relevant information accordinglyChannels enable specialized information to be provided to student groups </p></li><li><p>Achieving Success with the Blackboard Community System</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on the Power of the Blackboard Academic SuiteEnhance your Blackboard Learning System implementationExpand your facultys toolset to include community- and partner-developed learning tools available through Blackboard Community System modulesEnhance your Blackboard Content System implementationUse institution roles to define members of a community that should get distinct and special services:Implement limited pilot programs and roll-out functionality as needed not all at onceDetermine who can manage and submit learning objects to a moderated catalogueSpecify different disk quotasEncourage sharing among users with common rolesProvide front-page shortcuts to critical Blackboard Content System functionality</p><p>Better together!</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on Enterprise AdministrationLeverage powerful Blackboard functionality and ease of integrationA single login and integrated user experience with the Blackboard Learning System Enterprise, CE Enterprise, and Vista Enterprise licensesScalable technology infrastructure can grow as your implementation gets more complexSupport for multiple languages, including multi-byte charactersCompliance and interoperability with key educational standards</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on Blackboard ServicesConsulting ServicesAddress your institutions unique mission imperatives Comprehensive: from strategic analysis to project management to technical integrationEfficient and expert custom applications development Training and Professional DevelopmentOfferings to improve qualityTrain your trainersCreate power users</p><p>Trusted Advisors</p></li><li><p>Spotlight on Blackboard ASPSMThe highest level of serviceOperational in seven daysScalable, reliable, and fully-managed solution, with a 99.7% uptime guaranteeMultiple redundant routers, firewalls, load balancers, switches and servers</p><p>Reduce management concernsInherit a staff of 50, with experience managing hundreds of Blackboard solutionsDevelop a disaster-recovery planControl costs and introduce transparency into future spending</p><p>Proven Hosting Provider</p></li><li><p>Questions?</p><p>Now, we know every institution is unique, but there are some significant threads that carry across all schools public or private, large or small, multi-campus or residential, community college or R1 institution. </p><p>Start off with highlighting some of the challenges we know that universities and schools around the world are wrestling with. What we have heard from you as well as what we learned in a study that involved extensive interviews with presidents and provosts.-The diversity of different parts of the student body. The millennial generation students who have very high technology expectations.-Adult learners who need tools and technologies that best enable them to fit school into their busy lives.-Often, delivering effective student services is a way to meet the needs of both groups-Many institutions are concerned about retention and remediation - retaining students and encouraging them to complete their degrees.-For students who may come in needing additional training, there is a need to provide them with effective support systems. Show you how the Bb Community System can be an ally in solving some of these issues.</p><p>Under pressure from the revenue side need to develop innovative programs that attract students and provide competitive differentiation.Also to help different parts of the university to differentiate themselves and to brand their own offerings in a cost-effective manner.</p><p>Globalization is an important topic. Some institutions have differentiated their offerings by providing international programs.</p><p>-Ensuring that students are trained for the global needs. Enabling communication across boundaries. VERSION I: WITH DETAILS</p><p>How are clients using this??</p><p>Help and training for the Blackboard Academic Suite Separate learning environments for graduate schools, distance learning, and further educationAccess to library resourcesNew teaching and learning tools: wiki, blogs, simulationsSeparate services for students, faculty, and staff/adminDepartmental communicationsStudent groupsFreshman orientationAccreditation communitiesTargeted communicationsInstitutionAcademic Computing ITAccess to SIS functionality</p><p>The Harvard Assessment Project (Light, 2001) shows that Collaboration Drives Success:Key predictors of academic success is forming relationships with other students around academicsLearning outside of classess, especially in residential settings and extracurricular activities, is vital.</p><p>EXAMPLE: The College of Law is the largest provider of postgraduate legal training in the UK. Students that attend the College can be associated with a Law Firm.Student experience would be:Law Firm Branding on loginLaw Firm information on modules and tabs that is specific to that userBased on primary roleAdditional information shown based on secondary roles including Career information or centre-based information</p><p>Targeted delivery of information and content based on institution role including: Portal tabs Modules Channels Tools CoursesOrganizations</p><p>Blackboard Community System modules can be used to promote particular student services, such as the Tutoring Center. Tutoring Services are particularly important for retaining students who may be having academic difficulties. The Screenshot on the bottom of the page shows a module highlighting Campus Tutoring Center News designed to keep the Tutoring Center top of mind for students.We know that retention and remediation are issues. GRCC illustrates how Bb can be used to strengthen the tutoring programs at the institution. </p><p>-There are a number of different tutoring labs that provide support to students. Each one of these labs has an organization site that provides informational resources for both students and tutors. - Bb Community System is also used to provide tutor training tutors, giving them information as well as ways for the tutors to be connected with each other. </p><p>Here I would like to spotlight a particularly innovative program at GRCC. In a community college setting, it may be more difficult to foster study groups than on a small private campus, given the diversity of students. -Galvanize by getting top students in a particular class to say that they were going to organize a study group. -The idea behind giving organization sites is to foster collaboration, particularly useful for students who may not be on campus often. Talk about Arcadias mission as an institution to deliver a global, integrative and personalized learning experience the Arcadia promise to its students.Bb used as the main campus portal, both for student related activities and also for the administration.Want to illustrate some of the unique things that Arcadia is trying to achieve.-Now 30% of students participate in a study abroad program want to have all the students do have some kind of an exchange program. How the Bb Community System helps to achieve these goals. How their campus portal, my Arcadia, really enables innovative programs such as the first year study abroad program.Notes:DUO receives positive ratings each year</p><p>Discuss the fact that the portal consolidates all key information in one place and enables the university to break out of the course model of delivery. </p><p>Portal module for traveling to and from t...</p></li></ul>