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Millennials don't remember daily life without the web. When they have a question, they don't have to ask a person for the answer. They ask Google or Siri. They are digital natives. They are mobile users. And they expect you to meet them where they are. Because most of their college research now also happens online, you need a way to connect with prospective students and their parents early and across multiple devices. Interactive content, maps, and videos are some of the ways top brands have been engaging Millennials. Help them choose the right college, your college, by speaking their language.


<ul><li>1.Engaging Prospective Students on the Web Rebecca Marani</li></ul> <p>2. Boston InteractiveMarketing Strategy 3. Marketing Strategy = Audience + Objectives 4. User-Centered DesignKnow Your Audience 5. Enterprise-Wide CMS 6. Create ValueInteractivity &amp; Dynamic Content 7. Calls To Action 8. Integrated Social Media 9. Mobile 10. In Short.. Know your audiencesListenBe where your audiences areCreate value not contentBuild a digital ecosystemBe differently you 11. Engaging Prospective Students with Campus MapsBrett Truka, Director of Sales brett@campusbird.com 720.480.66021 12. About UsBoulder, Colorado based2 13. CampusBird Map Manager simple managementmultimediamobile readyIT friendly3 14. Atlas &amp; CampusBirdapplied toolssoftware development3D modelsRenderingsStreet View 4 15. Growing Client Base 16. The Map ExperienceCustomMappingDialUpBroadbandJavaScriptAPIsMobilityCloud 6 17. Maps and ContentDenver and Boulder, Colorado basedevery turnwhen? Rand McNally Incorporate Photography at7 18. The Map Experience: 2-D CollegeDenver and Boulder, Colorado basedW.P. Budd's map of the Trinity College, 1902 8 19. The Map Experience: 2-D CollegeDenver and Boulder, Colorado based9 20. Maps Evolution and SchoolsDenver and Boulder, Colorado based10 21. The Map Experience: TodayDenver and Boulder, Colorado based11 22. Whats in a Campus Map?12 23. Word Clouds for Maps and Homehttp://maps.duke.eduDenver and Boulder, Colorado based http://duke.eduWord cloud courtesy Tag Crowd 13 24. Maps Represent the BrandBrand, Audience, Community, Information, Reputation 14 25. Map Platform: 3 Strategic ThemesIntegrated data streams and rich map-based content (client generated and/or 3rd party)Extensible to other media including mobile and print formatsCompelling, clear and easily understood enduser experience considering the experience is the product 26. Theme 1: Data Integration16 27. Theme 1: Data Integration17 28. Theme 1: In the CloudApplicantsAlumniYour-school.edu Students X-institution Denver and Boulder, Colorado based CommerceCommunity18 29. Theme 2: Extensibility19 30. Theme 3: Intuitive UI20 31. Social Features and Shareability21 32. Social Features and Shareability22 33. Social Features and Shareability23 34. Campus Map TrendsGeo-specific search is upof research cycleOf visitors to Dukes website end up on the campus map24 35. Create Your Map ExperienceDenver and Boulder, Colorado based25 36. Create Your Map ExperienceDenver and Boulder, Colorado based26 37. Thank, you!Brett Truka, Director of Sales brett@campusbird.com 720.480.660227 </p>