engaging staff & participants through social media

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Engaging Staff & Participants through Social Media

Engaging Staff & Participants through Social Mediawww.GovSocialSolutions.com

ObjectivesBeyond Facebook: explore the power of Pinterest and InstagramExplore ways to engage staff using social mediaExplore ways to engage participants using social mediaLeave with two action items to implement

Pin By NumbersPinterest started in 201070 Million Users. Became the fastest growing website in America80% of its users are women28% of all adults use Pinterest90% of all Pinterest Users have an annual income of over $30,000. 18% over $75,000

http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/pinterest-stats/2/Whos Using Pinterest?Moms are 3x more likely to share Pins23% of all Users, use it Daily94% of all Pinterest Activity is by Women64% of Users try a Pinterest Inspired Activity MonthlyGen Z: 27%Millennials: 27%Gen X: 19%Boomers (younger) 14%Boomers (older) 10%Greatest Generation 6%

How To Use it to Your AdvantageMoms: make family decisions relating to childrenMoms: run the household activitiesMoms: drive kids everywhereSo connect with your Moms and be a part of their Pinterest ExperiencePinterest = Visual Messages

What Pins to CreateFacility Rentals: Events, Weddings, Parties, Park Pictures & AmenitiesSpecial Events: Promotions, Pictures, RulesAfterschool Programs: Information, Calendars, Pictures of Activities, DIY CraftPre-K Programs: Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Crafts, Books to read, Pictures of participantsSports: Rules, Character Building, Reminders, Jerseys, Team Photos, Facility Photos & MapsSeniors: Resources, Activity Schedules, Guest Speakers, Lunch Nutrition

Not Sure what to Pin?

Pin what you would look for!

Ask your staff: they are your resources!

Ask the MOMs in your programs!

Start pinning other ideas and then youll learn what you want to create!

90% of items pinned are re-pinned: create new content for the best impact!Pinterest: Virtual Team Brain Storm!Create boards for individual projects, activities, or programs: i.e. Summer Camp Themes= Under the SeaYou can add others to contribute to the board!You can keep boards secret if you dont want the public to see it.


300 Million Monthly Users51% Users are Male49% of Users are Female30% of US Teens say its the most important social media platform30% of all social media users use Instagram

http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/important-instagram-stats/3/Free Mobile Photo Sharing App100% mobilePhotos & Filters15 Second VideosIts all about the #

Whats a # Its a tag a part of a conversation.Use it to connect with others that also are part of that conversation, i.e. #valentinesday#parksandrec#summercamp

Find a unique hashtag for your program, event, message. (Check to see who else is using it). You cannot own a hashtagYou CAN search for a hashtag and find images, tweets and posts using it.Brea Day Camp

Participants = Photographers

Use #hashtags to find picturesCopy or snip them and repost! Dont forget the family credit tagging @ (username) so they see how you shared their picture!Get your participants to be your photographers!My Secret Weaponwww.canva.com

Its a FREE graphic design site.Easy to Use: beautiful templates or design your ownNo software download.Its AH-MAZING!

Connect!Heather DavisGov Social Solutionsinfo@govsocialsolutions.com(909) 896-5200Tim PaganoCity of Breatimp@cityofbrea.net (714) 990-7179www.ExploreDiscoverCreate.com

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