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  • Engaging Stakeholders in DialogueChallenges And AchievementsLondon Renewable Energy Conference 11/10/02

  • Engaging Stakeholders

    Jrgen Lund Madsen

    City of Copenhagen

    Agency of Environmental Protection

  • Engaging StakeholdersWhy engaging stakeholdersNew Metro Valby District, solar collectorsMiddelgrunden, offshore wind farmChallenges and achievements

  • Why Engaging Stakeholders?InformationDialogueParticipation-democratic-financial

  • Why Engaging StakeholdersInformation:-To help stakeholders -To avoid complains-To establish god relations for the futureInformation is good when you want to keep a distance to your stakeholders

  • Why Engaging StakeholdersDialogue:-To be sure your information is correct and have reached your stakeholders-To know the opinion of the stakeholders-To improve the quality of your projectDialogue is good when you want to give the stakeholders some ownership to the project

  • Why Engaging StakeholdersParticipation (democratic):-To anchor the project among stakeholders -To use stakeholders property, engagement or other strengthsParticipation (financial): -To fund the project

  • Information, New Metro

  • New Metro Information to citizensNo dialogueFew complains

  • Dialogue, Valby DistrictSolar collectors150.000 m2 in 20255.000 m2 in 200515 % electricity40.000 inhabitants

  • Dialogue, Valby district, Solar collectors

    City of CopenhagenCopenhagen EnergyEngineering companyUrban renewal company

  • Dialogue, Valby District,Solar collectorsObjectives:-develop competence on solar collectors and holistic solutions-implement sustainable energy production-create a social, cultural, environmental and economic development in the district

  • Dialogue, Valby District, Solar CollectorsLeaflet to all stakeholdersInformation in media and on homepageDialogue meetingsExhibition with model buildingsAction programme Dialogue SchoolsInstitutionsCompaniesShopsOwners of apartment housesTenants

  • Dialogue, Valby DistrictSolar CollectorsAchievements: -Project team with strong partners-Local engagement in the project-Some financial interest-Good experiences with children learning parents Challenges:-Talking the same language-Keeping the pot warm in a long process-Selling the holistic point of view

  • Middelgrunden, Offshore Wind Farm

  • Middelgrunden,Offshore Wind Farm20 wind turbinesLocated on a former dumping area40 MW89.000 KWh per year3 % of electricity consumption of Copenhagen

  • Middelgrunden,Offshore Wind Farm10 turbines owned by Copenhagen Energy10 owned by a co-operative:-40.500 shares-500 Euro per share

  • Middelgrunden,Offshore Wind farmAchievements:-Engaging the citizens in a practical and sustainable action-Popular ownership contributes to the installation of extra capacity -An outstanding exhibition of wind turbines-Results in popular acceptance of large-scale projects, no complains

  • Middelgrunden,Offshore Wind FarmChallenges:-Co-operation between energy company and stakeholders representatives

  • Achievements, Engaging StakeholdersA better process for projects when engaging stakeholdersA possibility for future anchoring of projects An increased sustainable development in the city and in districts A better acceptance of changes

  • Challenges, Engaging Stakeholders To overcome the fear for troublemakersTo see the benefits from a more holistic point of view (a longer and more expensive planning process will pay back in the end)To see the stakeholders in general as a resource and potential partnersTo convince stakeholders that it is in their interest to participateTo ensure that it is not only the few that participate but a representative group