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  • Engaging Students in a Quality

    Improvement Movement Friday, Mar 3, 2017

    Breakout Session G8

    James Chan & Sarah Fraser Presenters

    Dr. Cheryl Holmes, Brandon Evtushevski, Jung-In Choi

  • Disclosure

    We have nothing to disclose.

    2/27/2017 2

  • Whats the Problem?

    2/27/2017 3

    Generally, there is low physician involvement in QI1,2

    Why are physicians reluctant to participate in the quality improvement process?

    Why is physician engagement important?

    Physician engagement is key to delivering safe, high-quality health care3

  • 2/27/2017 4 2007 Institute of Health Improvement

    IHI White Paper on Physician Engagement4

  • Comparison: IAP2 Spectrum of Engagement5

    2/27/2017 5

  • How can we engage physicians in quality

    and safety?

    Physicians are trained on technical skills and

    clinical conditions6

    Trouble generating enthusiasm from physicians,

    who are challenged by the demands of

    their daily professional and business lives

    2/27/2017 6

  • Go Upstream Engage Trainees

    Established an IHI Open School Chapter at UBC-Okanagan

    Created partnership with faculty leaders and Interior Health

    Engage future and current healthcare professionals

    Encourage activities with mentors, mutual learning, and sustained improvement

    Goal: Foster an early acceptance of QI/early exposure to QI

    2/27/2017 7

  • 2/27/2017 8

    IHI Open School UBCO

  • 2/27/2017 9

    December 2015 New MD Curricular activity: IHI Basic Certificate

    April 2016 24 Medical students completed Basic Certificate

    September 2016 UBC-Okanagan establishes IHI Open School

    October 2016 UBCO Open School Connects with Interior Health

    January 2017 UBCO Open School Students participate in QI projects

  • Outcomes

    2/27/2017 10

  • Outcomes

    Students are participating in ongoing projects

    Lean Rapid Process Improvement Workshop


    2/27/2017 11

  • Example: RPIW

    2/27/2017 12

  • Outcomes

    1/3 of the Southern Medical Program 2019 class has completed the basic certificate

    It taught me effective ways to speak up if I dont feel comfortable or if I think something is dangerous

    I felt empowered from the videos and stories of other medical students, which made the material relevant to me right now

    2/27/2017 13

  • Student Comments

    I realize now that quality improvement is not

    only an option at this point in my training,

    rather it is an obligation

    This course has permanently altered my

    ability to perceive areas involving QI and has

    increased my willingness to engage those


    2/27/2017 14

  • What am I still struggling with/need help with?


    Developing the interdisciplinary aspect

    Expansion to other departments (e.g. nursing,


    Involving students in ongoing projects

    Timing and availability

    2/27/2017 15

  • Group Discussion

    What types are roles do physicians play in

    quality and safety?

    Is there a role for students in quality and


    Have you seen successful student engagement?

    2/27/2017 16

  • Contact Information

    James Chan, MA, PhD (c) Corporate Director Quality, Risk and Accreditation


    Sarah Fraser, BSc, MD (c) University of British Columbia, Southern Medical Program


    2/27/2017 17

  • References 1. Cohen, A.B., Restuccia, J.D., Shwartz, M., Drake, J.E., Kang, R., Kralovec, P., Holmes,

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    2. Zoutman, D.E., & Ford, B.E. (2017). Quality Improvement in hospitals: Barriers and facilitators. International Journal of Healthcare Quality Assurance, 30(1), 16-24.

    3. The Kings Fund (2012). Leadership and engagement for improvement in the NHS: Together we can. Retrieved from https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/sites/files/kf/field/field_publication_file/leadership-for-engagement-improvement-nhs-final-review2012.pdf

    4. Reinertsen, J.L., Gosfield, A.G., Rupp, W., Whittington, J.W. (2007). Engaging Physicians in a Shared Quality Agenda. IHI Innovation Series white paper. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Author.

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    2/27/2017 18



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