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  • Dianne F. Harrison, President Hilary J. Baker, Vice President for IT/ CIO

    Deone Zell, Senior Director, Academic Technology

    Engaging the Mobile Generation: CSUNs Tablet Initiative

  • Jeopardy Game

  • Increase engagementImprove the quality of learning materialsReduce the cost of learning materials

    myCSUNtablet Goals

    7 majors70 faculty1,800+ students

  • iPad and non-iPad Classes Offered

    Students opt in to iPad classesiPad required, payment plans availableCost neutrality over 3 course sequence

  • Wi-fi for the New Norm!

  • Branding

  • So How Did We Get Started?

  • myCSUNtablet Faculty Kickoff

  • Why Apple?

  • What Can You Do With An iPad?

    " Read eTexts " Access LMS" Access Internet" Learn with apps" Watch lectures" Respond to polls" Video conference" Share screens" Photo and video" Take exams

  • Apps Core and Discipline Specific

  • Majors or Freshmen?

  • Expansion to Athletics

  • Expansion to Advisors

  • Bringing iPads to the Classroom

  • CSUN Faculty Authored eTexts

    Melissa Wall, Ph.D.

    Melissa Wall, Ph.D.

    Sloane Burke, Ph.D.

    Dan Mathiyakom

  • Untethered Faculty

  • Exam Underway

  • What Impact Do iPads Have?

  • Audience Poll


  • First Semester Student Survey Results

    Use less paper - 85%

    Access course material more effectively - 78%

    Enabled me to study "on the go- 72%

    Engage more with the course material - 65%

    Learn the material better - 63%

    Enabled me to improve my grades 58%

  • The in-class iPad assignments made sure you were paying a8en9on.

    I loved how it saved paper and space. All the informa9on for my course was saved in one li8le iPad.

    I was able to ac9vely draw things in class which helped with my understanding of the material.

    Student Comments

    Instead of trying to hurry and copy down notes, we could make notes on the PowerPoint we downloaded. That way you get more out of your lectures!

  • The worst part was that I had to buy it while I already had Samsung tablet.

    Not Without Challenges

    The teacher didn't use the iPads. The lectures were on PowerPoint but they were not at all interac9ve. It was basically pointless to have one except for the tests.

  • Assessment: Introductory Biology Class #1

    Student performance on assessment quizzes without and with iPad-based learning for two sections of Introductory Biology, BIOL 106

    (section 1, N = 97 students, p< 0.0001; section 2, N = 112 students, p< 0.0001).



    no iPad no iPadiPad iPad

    section one section two

    * *p





  • Assessment: Introductory Biology Class #2

    Two teaching approaches iPad and non-iPad

    Pre, post-test of both methods

    Correct answers rose from from 36% (no iPad) to 92% (iPad)

    Results demonstrate better understanding of topic

  • Tradi&onal class: students study examples of good and bad paragraphs; prac9ce wri9ng them, and turn them in

    iPad class: instructor uses Nearpod app to push out good and bad paragraphs; students then asked to prac9ce wri9ng paragraphs on their iPads

    Results: Inconsistent and insignificant; the quality of wri9ng did not improve systema9cally. Instructor noted benefit of keeping students a8en9on

    Assessment: Journalism Writing Class

  • Disability Resources & Educational Services

    Lesson Learned: It Takes a Village

    Universal Design Center

    Assessment & Program Review National Center on


    Information Technology

    Admissions and Records

    Institutional Research Bookstore



    Chairs and Deans

    Financial Aid

    Financial Services

    Faculty Technology Center

    Faculty Development



  • Next Steps


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