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This is my presentation from the 2011 Healthcare Marketing Strategies Summit in Orlando, FL.


  • 1.Engaging the Mommy Audience: Hospital Mommy Blogs
    Brooke Tyson Hynes, Tufts Medical Center
    Dan Dunlop, Jennings
    March 27, 2011

2. Marketing to Moms
Market with rather than market to
Engage and allow for conversation
Communicate shared values
Must feel authentic
Provide value via the relationship
How do you enrich her life?
Sense of community - belonging
3. Social Networks & Psychology
Social Networks: Supreme community building tools
A gift (and a potential curse) to healthcare marketers
The psychology of social networking:
The importance of connecting; sense of community
Allows one to create a more vivid personal brand
Sense of empowerment
Studies have shown that the brain reacts to social networking interaction as if they were in-person interactions (oxytocin hormone); Users get the same emotional benefit
Heightened feeling of trust, empathy and generosity
4. 5. The Mommy Blog Phenomenon
Deep South Moms Blog
Organic and Green Mom Blog
Mile High Moms
A Mediocre Mom Blog
Frugal Mom Blog
American Muslim Mom Blog
Snarky Mommy
Crafty Mom Blog
Single Mom Blog
Agnostic Mom Blog
Ninja Mom
6. Understanding the Social Mom
7. Why does your hospital use social media ? Is there strategic intent?
8. Hive Marketing
Bringing together individuals with a shared interest (moms, for example)
Allowing them to share their passion
In the case of brand advocates, giving them a forum to express their support
Feeding them information that confirms their decision to support the brand
Activating them when needed
9. Important Vehicle for Segmenting Your Audiences
You are not speaking to a homogenous group
So to most effectively engage segments of your customer base, you can create vehicles that speak to them specifically
Social media will prove to be the nail in the coffin of the one-size-fits-all customer experience model. Robert Wollan & Nick Smith
Mommy blogs are exactly that kind of tool
10. Building Up Equity for a Rainy Day
Green Stamps analogy
Market traditional services
Circumvent traditional media when necessary
Take messaging directly to audience, unfiltered
Allow for conversation and engagement
11. Twitter/Facebook/Blog Trifecta
Power of using these in tandem
Twitters ability to reach out
Facebooks positive character, storytelling ability and group-building capacity
Blog: long-form storytelling; ability to establish a brand voice/personality
12. Hospital Blogs
Seattle Mama Doc
Wendy Sue Swanson, MD
13. Hospital Blogs
14. Hospital Blogs
15. Hospital Blogs
16. Branded Facebook Page
17. Hospital Blogs
18. Hospital Blogs
19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Merrimack Valley Moms
26. Merrimack Valley Moms Blog
How do we engage busy moms?
Lowell General Hospital & Tufts Medical Center decided to start a mommy blog for the Merrimack Valley Region of Massachusetts.
Recruiting bloggers via a Facebook contest
The contests impact on Twitter and Facebook
Building community: Mommy Blogger Brunch
27. Merrimack Valley Moms
28. Facebook Promotion
Posted contest announcement to Facebook Wall:
Looking for 4 local moms to serve as bloggers
$250 prize and a position as a mommy blogger
Month-long promotion
Entries: write on our Facebook Wall and tell us why youd be a great mommy blogger
Extended the contest to heighten interest
Selected 4 local moms and one employee of LGH
29. Facebook Promotion
Posted contest announcement to Facebook Wall:
Lots of engagement during the contest
Supporters of each of the blogger candidates would come to the site and voice their support
Drove Facebook likes and Twitter Followers
The announcement of the winners led to terrific press coverage
Each blogger brought her own group of followers to our new community!
30. Merrimack Valley Moms
Spreading the word via area Facebook groups
31. Merrimack Valley Moms
32. Feature from Lowell Generals newsletter
33. Mommy Blog Brunch
Purpose: create community
Encourage the moms to support one another
Comment on each others blog posts
Promote posts via Facebook and Twitter
Teach mommy bloggers how to use Twitter
Explain rules of engagement
Distribute the posting schedule
Video the moms for intro posts
34. http://tinyurl.com/4pqu2cp
35. http://tinyurl.com/4pqu2cp
36. Rules of Engagement
Keep it positive
Write about your life experiences
Avoid negatives not here to critique local businesses
Generally avoid healthcare as a topic
Avoid becoming an expert
37. Blog Mechanics
Wordpress blog very easy
Post 4 to 5 times each week
Moms submit word documents and photos
Marketing team edits and posts entries
We supplement with posts about local events and hospital events
Guest bloggers from the hospital
Marketing team approves comments
38. Blog Mechanics
Each new entry is posted to the hospitals Facebook wall
We Tweet a link to each new post (LGH and Tufts Medical Center)
We created a hashtag to make it easy to follow the blog on Twitter (#mvmoms)
39. Engagement & Results
What weve seen so far (9 months):
13,273 visitors
Average 1,500 per month
50 visitors per day
15 hours per month to maintain
40. 41. 42. Merrimack Valley Moms
Examples of engagement
on Facebook
43. Results/Outcomes
Community - made up of our target audience
Vehicle for marketing service lines
Vehicle for marketing our affiliation
Press coverage regional and industry-wide
Developed a model that can be sustained
Opportunity for year-round engagement
Deepened relationship with target audience
Enhanced social media presence across platforms
44. Results/Outcomes
LGH now1,016Facebook followers
786 Twitter followers
Both grew significantly since contest started
128 click throughs for more info about Floating Hospital for Children
210 click throughs for more info about Lowell General Hospital
Blogs top referrers have been Facebook, LGH website and Twitter
45. Merrimack Valley Moms
46. Merrimack Valley Moms
47. Merrimack Valley Moms
48. 49. 50. What We Learned
Succeeded in creating community
Need to expand that community
Bloggers vary in productivity
Need additional bloggers to sustain momentum and keep interest
Looking into a second contest to recruit more bloggers
Challenge securing guest bloggers from hospital adding health content
51. SignatureMoms.com
52. Signature Healthcare
In affiliation with Tufts Medical Center
Brockton, Massachusetts
Lost connection with the community
Financial woes
Leadership transition
Suburban competitors
Lack of marketing infrastructure
No social media presence
53. Overall Ad Campaign
54. http://signaturemoms.com/
55. Supporting Print Ad
56. Supporting Bus Ad
57. Facebook Promotion & Engagement
58. Facebook Promotion & Engagement
59. Facebook Promotion & Engagement
60. http://tinyurl.com/4pqu2cp
61. http://tinyurl.com/4pqu2cp
62. Blog Traffic

  • 1,154 visitors during first 6 weeks (contest period)