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Clients and family members are credible and powerful sources of information when trying to understand the quality of care we provide in the Saskatoon Health Region. By having a trained patient advisor actually go and speak to the patients about their experience, we are getting never before seen response rates, and a wealth of meaningful quantitative and qualitative data from which to base our improvement efforts on.


  • 1. Engaging the Patient in Patient Experience Surveying Health Care Quality Summit 2014
  • 2. Why measure the patient experience?
  • 3. The facts about positive patient experiences
  • 4. Trouble with Traditional Methods
  • 5. Time for a new approach
  • 6. Our Process PFAC Staff awareness and support Collaboration Script development & advisor coaching
  • 7. An advisors perspective
  • 8. Behind the Scenes Surveys are faxed to HQC Surveys are processed by Teleform (an image recognition software program) HQC analysts run an automated analysis on the survey responses and create reports Within a few days, email indicating we can access survey results online Posted on Neurosciences Visibility Wall
  • 9. Neurosciences Visibility Wall
  • 10. Lessons Learned
  • 11. Spread
  • 12. Where to from here? Options for Patient Experience Surveying in Saskatchewan
  • 13. Lisa Clatney CFCC Specialist lisa.clatney@saskatoonhealthregion.ca 306.655.0164 Lynnett Boris Patient Advisor
  • 14. Questions? Contact Me: Lisa Clatney Saskatoon Health Region lisa.clatney@saskatoonhealthregion.ca www.qualitysummi t.ca#QS1


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