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  • 2014

    Engaging White Men As Allies

    Chuck Shelton, Greatheart Leader Labs

  • 2014

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    . Chuck, age 12, in 1966, voluntold with Head Start by his very intentional mother, Mary

    One thing trust means: consistently showing up in a relationship

  • 2014


    Rev. Woodie W. White

    Invited me to take responsibility for being white, so I would become part of the solution and not part of his problem

  • 2014


    Chuck @ 29, with staff in a California refugee resettlement program

  • 2014


    Chucks Normativity Map




    Upper middle class



    Married w/ 2.0 children


    Highly educated


    Engaging White Men As Allies

    Generally True: As white male executives, when learn about our normativity, we are more open to considering our privilege.

  • 2014


    Lessons from the White Mens Leadership Study

    The Effectiveness Gap The difference between the way we as as white men our effectiveness on leading through D&I, and the way people who are not men rate our D&I leadership effectiveness

    Selected Effectiveness Ratings Not very effective and Moderately effective Average e-gap % of Aggregate White Men All Others e-gap

    Recognizing and motivating diverse employees 31 61 30

    Coaching to improve the performance of diverse employees 38 71 33

    Promoting diverse talent on merit 26 62 36

    Including diverse voices in decision making 38 78 40

    Engaging White Men As Allies

  • 2014


    The Inside Scoop on White Men as Allies:

    The Engagement Scale

    for White Men Leading through Diversity & Inclusion

    Lagging Learning Leading

    Pipeline not diverse Trying to diversify talent Creates a diverse team

    Avoids D&I events Sometimes attends; open Presents @ D&I events

    Deflects efficiently Prefers quiet over mistakes Respectful, candid

    OK to avoid feedback Uncomfortable w/ inequity Praises, corrects all

    Doubts business case Inarticulate on the case Links D&I to revenue

    Weak reputation Nice guy, but a lot to learn Identified as an Ally

  • 2014


    Emerging Practices in Ally Development

    The Mens Ally Network A male leader is an Ally when a woman says he is.

    Cisco Case Study: (with Jennifer Brown Consulting)

    A community of men pledged to relationships of accountability and trust, working alongside women colleagues to open opportunities.

  • 2014


    Engaging White Men As Allies

    Commit to Fearless Reciprocity

    Fearless = Willing to learn and lead

    through any difference in position power

    You need to be clear about your value proposition as an ERG leader, across level and difference

    Reciprocity = Relationships of accountability and trust,

    built on a two-way exchange

    Inch by inch, open the door to to getting things done together, with simple human to human care make and keep promises

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