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1. Engaging Your library patrons with Facebook posts 2. Asking Questions Talk with your patrons, not at them. 3. In this presentation, well discuss how to use Facebook to open a dialog with your community and make them feel important and included with the library. 4. We want to hear what patrons have to say. Earn their trust and build relationships by asking for their opinion on Facebook. The next slides will give you ideas on how to make patron engaging posts on the librarys Facebook page. 5. IMPORTANT TIP: Try to ALWAYS post photos along with your information. Images grab attention a lot easier than plain text. 6. Guess the Book Cover Post a small square of a book jacket and let patrons guess which book this belongs to. 7. Book Spine Poetry Arrange books so that their spines make a poem or story. Post a photo on Facebook. Make this a program for patrons to make photos for the Facebook page. 8. Pick up the closest book Have you seen these before? Posts that ask people to pick up the closest book to them, turn to a specific page, and type a sentence from that book. For example, Pick up the closest book to you, turn to page 84, and tell us the second sentence. 9. Book Challenges Challenge patrons to check out a cookbook and post a photo of the dish theyve made. This can be applied to anything DIY. 10. Books into movies Make sure you know what movies are coming out this year that are based on books. Find this by googling movies based on books 2015. A month before the movie comes out, let Facebook know. Do you like to read a book before you see the movie, or after? The 3rd Hunger Games movie is coming out June 21st. Dont forget to reserve your copy at the library. (Maybe include a link to the book on our online card catalog) 11. Patron Suggestions Ask your patrons about their favorite books, great books theyve read recently, or terrible books. Let them suggest books to other patrons this way! 12. Staff Picks / Title Spotlights Let your staff make a list of their favorite books. Or highlight special titles that you think deserve recognition. Post on Facebook regularly with these suggestions. 13. Highlight your collection Non-fiction isnt used that often. During football season, highlight your nonfiction collection that includes football teams. Or post Arkansas travel books right before summer vacation. Make displays, take a photo, and post it on Facebook. 14. New Titles Feature new titles on the Facebook page 15. Putting holds online Teach patrons how to request holds and access their account online via Facebook. 16. Like goals If your page is close to 1,000 likes TELL YOUR PATRONS! Make it a team effort to get 1,000 likes. Ask them to tell their friends about the librarys Facebook page. Make them a part of the team. 17. Articles Post links to fun library-related articles like this one: 32 books guaranteed to make you laugh out loud http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/books-guaranteed-to- make-you-laugh-out-loud#1733167 18. RESEARCH Find more ideas. Search Library Facebook on Pinterest, or just visit other library Facebook pages. See what theyre doing, what theyre posting, and how it works for them.