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A short presentation about engaging youth via technology, delivered by Miles Orkin at the American Cancer Society California Division Youth Summit (featuring about 80 of the Golden State's most dynamic high school and college age volunteer cancer fighters). September 6, 2008.


  • 1.Engaging YouthThrough Technology Miles Orkin Vice President, Development Operations California Division

2. Who Is This Guy?

  • This is the part where I tell you about myself and my incredibly auspicious professional and personal history to establish my street cred so you will take me seriously and pay close attention to every single word I say so you wont text your friends, check your cuticles, dangle your flip flops, open another piece of gum, get up and go to the bathroom, double-check the program guide to see how many more speakers there are, rest your eyes for a minute, or stare blatantly at that weird ACS staff person over on the side of the room looking all semi-blissed and semi-stressed and really definitely over-medicated or underslept

3. In the Beginning

  • Case Study: An early example of youth engagement via technology
    • It harnessed new media tools
    • It focused on behavior change
    • It targeted specific audiences


  • A Clockwork Orange

5. In the 21 stCentury

  • How much has the basic approach changed?
  • The Private Sector, the Public Sector, theNot-For Profit Sector all want your:
    • Ears
    • Eyeballs
    • Fingers
    • Thumbs

6. In the 21 stCentury

  • But Why

? 7. Why Engage Youth Through Tech?

  • Youth drive innovation
  • Youth drive behavior change
  • Youth drive societal change
  • Youth are a powerful market force
  • Youth help turn new technologyfrom afad into afact of life

8. So, Like, WhatISTechnology?

  • Technology is a species usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how they affect a species ability to control and adapt to its environment.*

*Source: Wikipedia 9. What is Technology HERE, TODAY?

  • Three Buckets
    • Web
    • Email
    • Mobile

10. Whats In the Buckets?

  • Social Nets
  • Blogs
  • Web Sites
  • E-Revenue
  • Web Apps / Widgets
  • Networked Games
  • PDFs
  • Voting/Tagging/
  • Virtual Worlds
  • E-Communications
  • SMS Communications
  • SMS Revenue
  • Video
  • Wikis
  • MP3s
  • E-Advocacy
  • Images
  • Mobile Web

11. What Is ACS Doing In These Areas?

  • Probably more than you think
  • Probably not enough
  • And were probably not always doing it the way we should

12. What Is ACS Doing In These Areas?

  • You can helpmake us better!

13. American Cancer Society Online

  • Donate at cancer.org Donate online immediately at cancer.org
  • Great American Health Challenge Four mini-sites focusing on: screening, physical activity, healthy diet, smoking cessation.
  • Stories of Hope Real stories from cancer survivors.
  • http://www.cancer.org/donate http://www.cancer.org/greatamericans
  • http://www.cancer.org/stories

14. American Cancer Society Online

  • Cancer Survivors Network Web community for cancer survivors
  • Fight Cancer Web-based cancer-fighting resources for the workplace
  • Workplace Solutions A website for corporations to learn about the Societys free wellness programs
  • ACS CAN Web site for ACS sister advocacy organization
  • http://www.acscsn.org/
  • http://www.fightcancer.org
  • http://www.acsworkplacesolutions.com
  • http://www.acscan.org

15. Event-Related Fundraising

  • Coaches Vs. Cancer http://www.cancer.org/coaches
  • Charity Runner http://www.cancer.org/ charityrunner
  • Daffodil Days http://www.cancer.org/daffodils
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer http://www.cancer.org/ makingstrides
  • Relay For Life http://www. relayforlife .org

16. Non Event-Related Fundraising

  • Team ACS Build your own fundraiser.
  • MissionFish Sell items on E-Bay and give proceeds to charity.
  • Mosaic of Hope Build a tribute Web site to a loved one and raise
  • Search To Fight This search engine raises money to fight cancer
  • http://www.cancer.org/teamacs
  • http://www.missionfish.org/ acs
  • http://www.cancer.org/mosaic
  • http://searchtofight.org/

17. Division Volunteer E-Revenue Team

  • Web industry pros
  • Focusing on key areas of interest
    • Small gift campaigns in social networks
    • Enhancing and PromotingACS Web products
    • Strategic E-Revenue planning
  • Especially keen on engaging with volunteer and youth volunteer teams

18. New Cool Stuff Were Working On

  • Small Gift Campaign
  • Text-To-Give
  • Text-For-HPV-Info
  • Reality Check Now
  • MySpace Impact
  • SharingHope.TV (video!)

19. Reality Check Now reality check now 20. No Small Change 21. Shut Up, Miles!

  • What do YOU think?

22. YOU Are the Experts

  • Do you interact with the American Cancer Society online? Other charities?
  • What is your social networking siteof choice?
  • What tools do you use in your social site(s) to connect with friends?
  • What is your digital communication platform of choice? (Phone, Web, Email)

23. YOU Are the Experts

  • Does a text-to-give campaign sound cool?
  • Have you ever texted to give?To vote? To order a pizza?
  • Would you text-to-give five dollars?
  • What charities or other public programs get online engagement with youth?
  • If you were a venture capitalist and could fund one charitable e-venture, what would it be?

24. YOU Are the Experts

  • What can we do online to make your volunteer activities easier and more productive?
  • What would make it easier for you to share your ACS story?
  • Are you satisfied with the look and feel of our Web products?

25. YOU Can Help Us!

  • Are you willing to take part in fast, easy, cool, glamorous, dangerous, sexy American Cancer Society viral campaigns?
    • Text, email, ping, and poke friends about text-to-give
    • Join cause and event groups in social nets
    • Share news about new cool tools and sites
    • Record and post digital vids from your volunteer activities

26. Next Steps

  • You are all officially invited to join the California Division Viral Youth Team
  • I will upload this presentation somewhere easy to find
  • We will keep you posted about thenew cool stuff
  • Contact me any time with ideas, inspirations, thoughts, questions:[email_address]


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