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  • 1. Enhancing CollaborativeSketching with AdaptationGuidelinesLondon England, 24/06/2013Vivian MottiUgo Sangiorgi, Jean VanderdoncktLouvain Interaction LaboratoryUniversit catholique de Louvainvivian.genaromotti@uclouvain.be

2. Goals Propose an approach for augmenting thesketching activities with Context-awareness Adaptation Aiding stakeholders by means of Guidelines Patterns22 3. 3Heterogeneous contexts of use 4. Motivations Challenge for stakeholders Identify what is the relevant context information and how to appropriately handle it One-size-does-not-fit-all Accessibility issues may rise Preventing or hindering the interaction Guidelines and Patterns Provide support44 5. Editors Balsamiq JustInMind Maqetta SketchFlow Drawbacks Only sketching, or designing, or modeling No context-awareness (or specific one) No support to guidelines and patterns55 6. Balsamiq66 7. JustInMind77 8. Maqetta88 9. SketchFlow99 10. Main Shortcomings Existing editors do not provide support to Cross-platform design Context-awareness Adaptation Collaboration1010 11. Gambit Collaborative tool for collaborative sketching Since early development stages Running on different devices Supports Sketching Sharing Discussing1111 12. Gambit Extension Multi-dimensional Context-awareness Multi-platform Cross device applications Multi-user Different profiles Multi-environment Various constraints and characteristics1212 13. Architecture1313 14. Guidelines Covering different UI components Navigation: adapting the hierarchy andarrangement of the tasks Presentation: targeting the layout and thegraphical aspects of the UI Contents: focusing on specific components of theUIs1414 15. Steps Context: users provide the target context of use UI Sketching: users define the UI layout Pattern Recognition: the system recognizes UIelements Guidelines Suggestions: based on the recognizedelement the system provides guidelines that matchcontext and UI element User Feedback: the user gives feedback about thesystem suggestion accepting, rejecting, evaluating1515 16. Scenario Elderly users Task Search for a movie Selecting categories Visualizing results Scroll bar recognition Appropriate guidelines suggested1616 17. Scenario1717 18. Final Remarks1818 Editors already support UI design But excluding UI guidelines and design patterns Challenging for stakeholders To consider heterogeneous contexts of use To properly consider context information Sketching can be enhanced When appropriate guidelines are suggested 19. For more information and downloading,http://www.lilab.beUser Interface eXtensible Markup Languagehttp://www.usixml.orgThank you very much!FP7 Serenoa projecthttp://www.serenoa-fp7.eu