enhancing student learning with ebriefcases dr. newton smith, associate cio dr. carol burton,...

Download Enhancing Student Learning with eBriefcases Dr. Newton Smith, Associate CIO Dr. Carol Burton, Assistant VC, Undergraduate Studies Western Carolina University

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  • Enhancing Student Learning with eBriefcasesDr. Newton Smith, Associate CIO Dr. Carol Burton, Assistant VC, Undergraduate Studies Western Carolina UniversityLinda James, B2B TechnologiesWith Contributions by Melissa Saenger, Student

  • What is your most memorable and important learning experience?

  • Odds are it is Not in a ClassFiguring out something on your ownWorking in a group on a major project Failing at something and understanding whyDiscovering abilities you didnt know you hadMaking creative connections between different ideasDiscovering how people really work

  • How Students Learn Is Changing

  • Social Media Creates New Ways to LearnInformation is democratic and dynamic: WikipediaEasy to locate: GoogleDistributed: del.icio.usSorted and vetted: diggAnywhere anytime: cell phones, wirelessAmateurs can play: YouTube, FlickrFun to learn with friends or others: Blogger

  • Here is What WCU is Doing: Our QEP eBriefcase

  • Western Carolina Universitys Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

  • WCUs QEP- Synthesis: A Pathway to Intentional LearningDevelop undergraduates with a clearer purpose at the universitystudents who are motivated, self-directed, and active participants in their own learning. Provide the learner with ample opportunities to synthesize the university experience, to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences as the student discovers and strengthens his or her sense of purpose.

    Assist students, staff and faculty to form a conceptual whole that will integrate academics, residential-life, service and leadership, and personal and work-related goals and activities.

  • Focus on Student LearningIntentional: students encouraged to form lifetime and career goals and act on them

    Integrated: students prompted to integrate their academic and extracurricular experiences

    Continuous: students develop and retain learning objects throughout entire college career

    Engaged: students are expected work in the community and region and apply what they know

    Public: students select from their learning object to create career portfolios and targeted portfolios

  • Institutional Outcomes

    Problem solving skills - ComplexEffective communicationCivic engagementClarification of values and purposeIntegration of knowledge

  • How to Assess

  • A Briefcase ConceptA repository of learning objectsA place for projectsA place to collaborate with othersA place for social and personal recordsA place to prepare and extract formal portfolios

  • Students ebriefcaseFirst View is a Template They Can Customize:

  • The Educational eBriefcaseStudents in charge Includes blogs and wikisAdvisors prompts encourage synthesis and goal settingA place for career portfolio and other targeted portfoliosFlexible and easy to useBuilt on world ware technologySharePoint

  • Student TasksAdvisors can assign students assignments/tasks through the e-briefcase that will appear in the Student Task block.

  • Calendar Students have a Calendar setting to use at Students discretion

    Students simply click: add new eventFill out time and dates.

  • Lectures, Seminars Concerts, ExhibitsItems are fed in from the Western Carolina Website and displayed on the e-Briefcase to keep students informed.

  • Document LibraryIn the Document Library students can up-load documents of any kind into one location for use throughout their career.

  • Advisor Notes & DiscussionsA place where advisors can send their advisees a note or have a discussion.

  • Team SiteStudents can use this function for any type of group project with other students or faculty

  • Other SettingsContactsCareer AssessmentLinks

  • PortfoliosStudents have the ability to develop different types of portfolios and give permissions to view.Career portfolioTargeted portfoliosAfter adding photos, documents, and other material the portfolio can be published and then viewed by others-much like a detailed electronic resume. Employers

  • PortfoliosIntroductionDocumentsLearning Experience About Me

  • Built in Links E-briefcase is very similar to other portals that are offered by WCU with similar features. MyCatWebCatCatamount ConnectionsStudent HandbookBut they can add more

  • Positives from Melissas Perspective

    Electronic resumePublishEmployer viewAccess from any computerCommunicate with AdvisorConnectionsBuild overtimeCommunity ServiceWork ExperienceClubs/Organization Travel

  • Demo of Students TemplateLisa James eBriefcase

  • Demo of Advisors ViewPeter GibbonsAdvisor

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