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  1. 1. Enjoy Your Life!!!
  2. 2. Life at times kicks right inthe face. Many survive to stay standing up, others fall straight to the floor.
  3. 3. You must always keep a positiveattitude. Life is unfair but afterall God only gives you what you can handle!!!
  4. 4. Life - its the only one we have. Loveyourself, love your surroundings andmake a difference in someones life-that feeling is inexplicable.
  5. 5. Life is like a song, so sing itloud and clear as we move along . Whats important,we keep near.
  6. 6. Each turn we take is anotherchance and opens up anotherdoor. Its up to us if we get up and dance or choose tosit on the floor.
  7. 7. As we grow older, we start to see the world is on our shoulder. And reality is telling us we are not who we want to be.
  8. 8. Each day becomes an effort and we beginsleeping through our lives. There is so muchpain and hurt. Everyone stabbing each other with knives.
  9. 9. All others become a bad influence. Your lifeis now at stake. The key to true repentanceis what we choose to take!!!
  10. 10. You see, life is what we make it. Nothing moreand nothing less. Trust is strong but once youbreak it, everything becomes a mess.
  11. 11. But what good does it do for us to cry. What good does itdo to whine. Everybody livesand everybody has to die. Weall go through pain and havea set amount of time.
  12. 12. All that we can do, is look to thefuture with hope. That somedaythings will all make sense. As time goes on, we will find ways to cope and the pain will no longer seem so intense.
  13. 13. Well put on a smile, sing lifes song withlove. Hang around for a while and seek Gods grace from up above.
  14. 14. Do your best to make sense of everything youre given. If nothing works out, holdyour head up high, keep living!!!
  15. 15. There will be times when pain is all we feel. The clouds are all we can see. It will seem to be too much for us to deal, but in the end, God will set us free.
  16. 16. Open up your mind and justlive for today. Each of us, ourpaths will wind as we search and find our way.
  17. 17. Near the end of our life as we walk through ourlast days. Well back look at the things that helped light our way.
  18. 18. Well see all the mistakes wemade and the people who werethere. The things that may have caused our smiles to fade and the smell of the cool, fresh air.
  19. 19. Youll think about the people youllnever know by name and all of the joy you felt. When someone keptyou from going insane and helped you to live with the hand youve been dealt.
  20. 20. Youll remember the sunthat always came out afterthe passing of the rain. It wouldnt allow you to doubt that the joywas worth the pain.
  21. 21. Learn that life is a journey and wemust enjoy every single minute of it.We cant navigate through life with fear. We must stand tall and keepon through this journey.Credit Poem : Its Your Life By Molly Mae MillerThank You Very MuchSompong Yusoontorn