enjoy your school life

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Enjoy your school life

Enjoy your school life

How make the school life more interestingAfter the home school is the main social environment for young people.At school students can enjoy different cultural and confidence- building activities, realize and demonstrate their individual talents.Everybody has an opportunity to take part in dramatic and musicial perfomances at a schoolor class party, or class party, or interschool sports competitions.

It is important for you to learn EnglishCommunicationEnglish is the language of communicationContact people from all over the worldTravel more easielyInternational competitions are conducted in English

ArtWatch American and British films in the originalRead great booksEnjoy English- language music more

CareerGain technical knowledgeUse your computer more effectivelyLearn on lineInternational business is done in English

We improve English at schoolAct out role play situationsWork in pairs and groupsLearn English grammar on lineTake part in different intellectual games, English interactive competition GreenwichUse during the lessons educational programmesSing English songs and perform the plays

We like learning English

We like learning English

We like learning English

We like learning English

We can make our school life exciting!