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Enjoy your worldwide life. By Eric Lai. Index. 1. Photos & Experiences 2. Company Introduction 3. Requirements for The Job 4. Case Study. London, UK. Cambridge, UK. Lugano, Switzerland . Milano, Italy. Delhi , India. Ulm, Germany. Sydney, Australia. Dubai, UAE. Auckland, New Zealand. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Enjoy your worldwide lifeBy Eric Lai

Index1. Photos & Experiences2. Company Introduction3. Requirements for The Job4. Case Study

London, UKCambridge, UK

Lugano, Switzerland Milano, Italy

Ulm, GermanyDelhi , India

Sydney, AustraliaDubai, UAE

Bangkok, Thailand Auckland, New ZealandTour guide?Flight attendantSailor

Guess! What is my Job?

Yes!International trading

Why international trading?1. Travel around the world.2. Broaden your version.3. Enjoy exotic cuisine. 4. Your advantage is English.

Company Introduction * 95% is small and medium-size enterprises in Taiwan. Company name: Kupo co., ltdCompany Profile- IntroductionKupo-Taipei: Headquarter, is built in 1979 and in charge of worldwide market except for China.Kupo-Shanghai : Branch office, is found in 2002 and in charge of nationwide market in China.Kupo-Beijing: Branch office, is found in 2008 and it focus on domestic market in North China.Kupo-Wuxi: Factory found in 2002. Moved from Dongguang to Wuxi, China in 2006.

Company Profile staff numberHeadquarter: KUPO Taipei / 35 staff

Branch office: KUPO Shanghai / 25 staff KUPO Beijing / 5 staff

Factory: Kupo Wuxi Hardware Co., Ltd. (Stage / Grip / Display) / 80 staff

Company Overview Product lineKupo operates the traditional stage lighting gears from more than 30 years ago and specialized innovated illumination manufacturer for venues worldwide. (www.stage.com.tw)Grip is set up 10 years ago in Taipei. The lighting stands are made from high quality material for the film and photo industry. (www.grip.com.tw)Display is more for design applications. It is popular for fashioned use, ex: window display, shop fitting, retail areaetc. (www.displayshop.com.tw)

Product line:

Factory Facilities Kupo Wuxi

Kupo Wuxi (2006 / Aug)

Factory Facilities Kupo Wuxi

Factory Facilities Kupo Wuxi

Photo...Crest Green H.warda STM A2Z



26 20 854%29%17%

Coming exhibition 2011

And more..AmsterdamLondonFrankfurtLas Vegas



*(Gianfranco Lanci) :, Magic Basic


2.1--()()/ / / / // / /Exporter/ManufacturerImporter/ Agent/ DistributorRegional dealerRetailerEnd user

2.2//////ManufacturerTrading companyImporterDistributor/ dealerEnd User

(Oral Communication) 1. (Telephoning) 2. (Reception) 3. (Office Practice) 4. (Preparing a Presentation) 5. (Meeting and Conference) 6. (Travel Arrangement) 7. (Table Manners)

(Written Communication) 1. (International Trade) 2. (Corporate Notice) 3. (Press and Events) 4. (Customer Relation Management) 5. (Personal Relationship Management)


4.:Marketing B2BE-NewsSalesRD/5. Case StudyAfter trade show in Amsterdam, we receive a e-mail from UAE customer who is very interested in distributing our products. Were considering to have a new agent from previous one who have been doing business with us for years but with unsatisfied performance. What we have to do is figure out a solution to minimize conflict between two customers in UAE



Order confirmed

Delivery time/ Forwarder

Agency Agreement

Negotiating now

Q & A


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