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Enterprise Portal Enterprise Portal Presentation Presentation Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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Enterprise Portal Presentation. Miami-Dade County Public Schools. MDCPS Background. Fourth largest school district Over 340 public schools; over 80 Charter schools Serving 2,400 square miles Over 340,000 students Over 45,000 employees; over 5,000 Charter employees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Enterprise Portal Enterprise Portal PresentationPresentation

Miami-Dade County Public Schools

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Fourth largest school district Over 340 public schools; over 80 Charter schools Serving 2,400 square miles Over 340,000 students Over 45,000 employees; over 5,000 Charter

employees Services 180 different home languages Mobility rate – 27%

MDCPS BackgroundMDCPS Background

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The Big PictureThe Big Picture• The Vision

Have all users connected to all information at anytime

• The ChallengesSchools under state sanctionNeed to increase parental involvement Giving our users access to their systems in one

area Providing our parents an easy and consistent way

to monitor their child’s progressConnect silo systemsReduce paper-based systemsProvide easy and consistent access to information


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• Active Directory Account and Auto Update – MIIS and ILM• Password Synchronization – P-Synch• District Email – Outlook Exchange• District wide Gradebook – Global Scholar / Excelsior• Metro Ethernet to each remote site• Patch Management and Virus Protection – Big Fix and

Sophos• Data Warehouse – Microsoft SQL• OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing tool) - Cognos• Self Service for Technology Support - HEAT

MDCPS FoundationMDCPS Foundation

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• District-wide federated library catalog -Destiny • District-wide assessment tool – Edusoft• District-wide instructional applications, including

Riverdeep Destination SeriesVoyager Solo and Ticket to ReadJamestown NavigatorPlato LearningLibrary Reference Databases-Groliers, SIRS, Gale, Facts

on File, etc• District-wide test generator - ExamView

MDCPS FoundationMDCPS Foundation

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Portal LitePortal LiteMay 1, 2006May 1, 2006


Enterprise Portal Enterprise Portal 2006 - 2007 2006 - 2007

Infrastructure and Employee Infrastructure and Employee Portal Portal

with Collaborationwith Collaboration

2007 - 20082007 - 2008 District and District and Community Community

Deployment; Global Deployment; Global Registration System Registration System

2008 - 20092008 - 2009AttendanceAttendanceInterventionInterventionSPOTSPOTSESSESWeekly BriefingWeekly BriefingInternshipInternshipProfessional DevelopmentProfessional DevelopmentRiverDeepRiverDeepUnified Communications Unified Communications


2009 - 20102009 - 2010Business PartnersBusiness PartnersFood ServiceFood [email protected]@EduLinks to LearningLinks to LearningTeacher Assessment Teacher Assessment VolunteerVolunteerSAP SOSSAP SOSEmployee Self-ServiceEmployee Self-ServiceSharePoint 2010SharePoint 2010

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Decision Making Decision Making ProcessProcess

• Key CriteriaExisting infrastructure and skill setsScalabilityTechnology partners and third party servicesFlexibilityRapid Development

• Why SharePoint?Experience with Microsoft ProductsMature Microsoft Exchange Environment (ADS)Successful Portal “Lite” Established Personnel and Student Data WarehouseMicrosoft Platform throughout DistrictGood Partner Relationship with Microsoft


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The Solution - The Solution - www.dadeschools.netwww.dadeschools.net






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Lessons Learned on Portal Lessons Learned on Portal DeploymentDeployment


Page 10: Enterprise Portal Presentation

Lessons LearnedLessons Learned• Portal Lite• Over Estimating Services, Under Estimating Staff• Over Estimating Community and Parents Technical

Awareness• Mapping and Establishing Environments

Beforehand• Change Control in Place• Getting all Parts to Work Together• Limited best practice for MOSS as it as a new

product• Deployment issues (test -> staging -> production)• No build process


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Portal Infrastructure and Portal Infrastructure and BuildBuild


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OverviewOverviewActive Directory EnvironmentHistorically decentralized AD

environmentPortal project coincided with AD

migration projectDMZ forest was created for student

and parent accountsInitially intended for web

applications only12

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Initial Infrastructure Initial Infrastructure BuildBuild

Environment architecture and designSecurity architecture and certificatesHardware sizing and implementationActive Directory Schema modificationsDatabase architecture and buildData Warehouse interface and data

positioningDevelopment and Integration

environmentsActive Directory provisioning and


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Sharepoint Web 1 Sharepoint Web 2 Sharepoint Web 3 Sharepoint Web 4

Load Balancer

SQL Server Cluster 1 SQL Server Cluster 2 SQL Server Cluster 3

Fiber attached SAN

Tape Library

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Replication TopologyReplication Topology


Bridgehead Site8 DC’s

School Site1 DCSchool Site

1 DCSchool Sites1 DC

343 Remote Sites

Data WarehouseMainframe

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Dynamic Provisioning into ADGuardians identified with a PIN

and questions about the studentGuardians linked to student as an

attribute of the AD user object

Password self-resetM-Tech’s P-Synch software usedUsers register challenge Q&A

for self reset 16

Account Creation and Account Creation and ManagementManagement

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Single Sign-On Single Sign-On

Portal Single Sign-OnTransportation RiverDeep

Student Gradebook

HR / Payroll E-Mail

Food Services

Version 3 single sign-on (Web SSO) technology used for transparent access to resources

An overlaying system of session

tickets allow uses to login

once and access

disparate applications

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Storage and BackupStorage and BackupBackup Strategy

20 TB fiber channel SAN space allocated for the portal

20 TB lower cost FATA drives allocated as a staging area

Staging area is backed up nightly to a tape library

Selected collaboration sites are kept on different retention schedules

Page 19: Enterprise Portal Presentation

Resources to MaintainResources to Maintain2 System Administrators –

handle all updating to environments

2 Exchange Specialists (Part time)

1 Database Administrator (Part time)

3 .Net Developers1 Network Analyst (Part time)