entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship : keys to success

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  • Entreprenuers or Intrapreneuers?

  • Who is Laura Morrison?

  • What did I learn?

    In 2 years I learned how to be different:

    I asked and got: A better education than standard

    apprenticeship To deliver training to senior teams Web design skills in the early days Promise of a management role post-

    apprenticeship The beginnings of my network

  • Eyes on the Prize!


  • Dont be a WALLFLOWER

  • Communication and defence mechanisms

    False self

    Who we fear we

    might be

    Authentic Self

  • An Intraprenuer.

    Creates Value in the Organisation

  • An Entreprenuer.

    Creates Value for their Organisation

  • An Intraprenuer.

    Incubates Ideas

  • An Entreprenuer.

    Brings Ideas to Market

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

    Are Curious

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

    Can pivot and CHANGE courses

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

    Responsive and Success Driven

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

    Confident and Courageous

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers



  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

    Consider Risks for best Outcomes

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

    Know their purpose

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

    Know their value and what stands them apart

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

  • Intraprenuers and Entreprenuers

  • I love toOthers tell me I am

    great at.

    Things I resist are.My non-negotiables


    Your USP

  • The Case for Intraprenuers.

    Value CreationInnovation

    New ways of thinking

  • The Case for Entreprenuers.

    Value CreationInnovation

    New ways of thinking

  • A thought.

  • What are your strengths and talents?

    Achiever Activator Adaptability Analytical Arranger

    Belief Command Communication Competition Connectedness

    Consistency Context Deliberative Developer Discipline

    Empathy Focus Futuristic Harmony Ideation

    Includer Individualisation Input Intellection Learner

    Maximizer Positivity Relator Responsibility Restorative

    Self-Assurance Significance Strategic Winning others over Your own.

    Identify 5 strengths you claim, from the list or from your own self knowledgeIdentify 2 more that you would like to develop furtherWhy have you selected these options?

  • Dare to be Different!

  • Where did it get me?

  • Where Next?

    Do you have big ambitions?

    Do you just know you are capable of so much more?

    Are you passionate about your career or business?

    Are you putting in the effort but want greater rewards?

    Do you crave some time and space to just focus on you?

    Do you need a boost to get to the NEXT LEVEL?

  • Where Next?

    Come and work with Laura Morrison find out about

    courses and programmes:


    For Coaching or Speaking please e-mail



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