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  • 2018 North AmericanEnvironmental Performance Report

  • Table of Contents Our North American Portfolio

    consists of assets in Boston, Calgary, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Ottawa, San Francisco,

    Toronto, and Washington D.C.




























    GOVERNANCE, MANAGEMENT PRACTICES & STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT About Us Who We Are Mission Statement & 3 Principles Management Practices & Reporting Stakeholder Engagement myBrookfield 2017 Update Hurricane Harvey Response Engaging Tenants in Waste Management ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE, CERTIFICATIONS & CASE STUDIES 2017 Environmental Performance Green Building Certifications LEED® Certifications BOMA 360 Energy Star Case Studies Reducing Steam Use & Maximizing Energy Savings District Energy Case Study Brookfield Place Calgary The Acre in Houston SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT 2017 Holiday Season Community Engagement Special Olympics, Washington, D.C. Downtown Women’s Center Cooking Club Operation Backpack Nuit Blanche

    Table of Contents

  • Principle 3 To seek best-in-class environmental certifications, actively participate in green industry organizations, and support new initiatives that foster the energy and resource efficient operation of office buildings and environmentally sustainable communities and practices.

    Principle 2 To incorporate innovative environmental strategies in order to achieve best-in-industry environmental performance in all new office developments.

    Principle 1 To develop, operate, retrofit, redesign and renovate properties to achieve optimum energy efficiency, occupant satisfaction and reduced carbon emissions.

    About Us Who We Are Brookfield Properties is a premier real estate operating company, providing integrated services across all property investment strategies of Brookfield Asset Management – a global alternative asset manager with over $285 billion in assets under management (AUM).

    This report encompasses Brookfield Properties’ North American office sector assets. Through the remainder of this report, any references to Brookfield Properties refer solely to the office portfolio in the United States and Canada.

    Mission Statement At Brookfield Properties, our mission focuses on providing the highest quality commercial office space while bringing responsible environmental solutions and innovative energy saving strategies

    to our tenants and the communities where we work.

    Environmental stewardship is a major component of Brookfield Properties’ strategic business plan that ranks among our key business objectives, along with revenue growth and risk management. Decisions we make as a company balance both our fiscal and our environmental responsibilities.

    Our ultimate objective is to optimize energy and resource efficiency at our properties, together with the wellness and safety of our tenants, employees, and those that live in the neighbourhoods that house our properties.

    We achieve this through an integrated strategy based on three principles that are embedded in the Brookfield Properties corporate culture. These tenets are the foundation of our commitment to environmental responsibility.

    Governance, Management Practices & Stakeholder Engagement

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    Regional Contacts For more information about our assets in Calgary, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Ottawa, San Fransisco and Toronto contact:

    Kristina Schwartz

    Vice President, Operations & Sustainability



    For more information about our assets in Boston, New York and Washington D.C. contact:

    Richard Bachia

    Executive Vice President, Operations



  • easier to aggregate property utility resource consumption into regional or portfolio level statistics, it will also provide direct access to normalization factors such as occupancy and square footage. Moving forward, we look forward to more streamlined energy and carbon reporting across our portfolio.

    set goals relating to energy, green building certification, sustainable transportation, tenant engagement, and waste management. As of December 2017, our portfolio environmental goal completion rate was an outstanding 98%.

    Looking forward we will explore opportunities to introduce our environmental goal setting tool to more of our North American operating regions. Additionally, our Canadian properties are gearing up for a second year of tracking their environmental targets through their Environmental Management Plans.

    Energy & Water Reporting & Benchmarking Starting this July, our buildings in the Toronto and Ottawa operating regions will be required to report their energy and water performance to the Province of Ontario annually. Reporting will utilize Energy Star Portfolio Manager and it is the first mandatory disclosure program of this nature in Ontario that we have had to participate in.

    Data Management We are continually seeking ways to improve our operations, including better tools to manage our data. Over the past two years, we have been gearing up for the January 2018 launch of our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that will encompass data including area measurements, occupancy rates, rents, and energy consumption. Centralizing our data will not only make it

    Management Practices & Reporting

    Brookfield Properties has a robust environmental management and reporting program comprised of annual third- party carbon assurance, ongoing energy management, global best practice sharing & implementation, green building certifications, legislative compliance, and voluntary environmental performance disclosure.

    GRESB Brookfield Properties voluntarily discloses our environmental performance annually through participation in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Real Estate Assessment.

    We have been a GRESB participant since 2012, with our ESG performance consistently ranked in the 80th percentile or higher. In 2017, Brookfield Properties had an overall score of 81, outperforming 85% of the 800+ GRESB Real Estate Assessment participants. Once again, Brookfield Properties was honoured to be recognized as a GRESB Green Star.

    Environmental Management Plans In 2016, we announced plans to pilot a new environmental goal setting tool at our Canadian properties. Over the 2017 calendar year, we implemented our Environmental Management Plan online portal as an internal tool to track environmental goals at each property. Last year our Canadian property and asset management teams

    Governance, Management Practices & Stakeholder Engagement

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  • 11,767 contest & survey interactions

    48,908 clicks to ‘learn more’

    7,968 hours spent on myBrookfield

    699,252 content views

    myBrookfield Update

    Over the 2017 calendar year, we welcomed 11,105 new subscribers to myBrookfield – almost tripling

    our user base in a year!

    The work of our property management teams and the new app functionality certainly paid off. Over the 2017 calendar year, we welcomed 11,105 new subscribers to myBrookfield – almost tripling our user base in a year!

    As we look ahead to 2018, Brookfield Properties plans to continue growth of myBrookfield through app updates, new features, and more subscribers. We are also excited to investigate expansion of the MyBrookfield platform further across our North American office network.

    Since its launch in 2016, the myBrookfield communications platform and app continues to be the main avenue for Brookfield Properties’ tenant engagement initiatives across our Canadian portfolio. As of December 2017, we had a direct channel to communicate with over 17,000 of our building occupants through myBrookfield.

    Sustainability Series Our sustainability content ran throughout the year and focused on a different topic each month. Our subscribers received tips on how to reduce energy and water use, proper waste management, sustainable commuting alternatives, and local food procurement.

    310-SERV Service Requests Beginning in June 2017, we introduced the ability to place service requests directly through the myBrookfield app. This proved to be a popular feature with our users, who submitted nearly 13,000 requests over 6 months!

    Web Portal Another June 2017 update was the introduction of the myBrookfield web portal for our tenants and building occupants who preferred to access the app via their computer. Web portal users have access to the full suite of myBrookfield content, promotions, and events found on the mobile app.

    Governance, Management Practices & Stakeholder Engagement

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  • Hurricane Harvey Response

    On August 24, 2017 Hurricane Harvey approached the southern Texas coastline near Corpus Christi before making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane near the Texas Gulf Coast late on August 25th. More than 700 businesses and 48,700 homes were affected by Harvey throughout Texas. Over 1,00


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