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EPI Suite 6.0 FARGO +

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EPI Suite 6.0 FARGO + Slide 2 EPI Suite 6.0 EPI Suite Modules EPI Suite Market Leadership New v6.0 Features EPI Suite Pro EPI Suite Classic EPI Suite Lite Custom Services Competitive Analysis Agenda Slide 3 EPI Suite 6.0 EPI (Electronic Personal Identification) Suite is comprised of 6 modules to: Design cards Enroll people into the system Print reports Import information from 3 rd party databases and file systems Automatically migrate data from older EPI Suite versions Modify the EPI Suite database structure for systems integration EPI Suite Modules Slide 4 EPI Suite 6.0 More than 10,000 copies sold Available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and German (6.0 versions TBD) Tested with leading peripherals to ensure compatibility Based on open standards (TWAIN, ODBC, OLE, XML) Operable with Oracle 9i, MSDE, SQLServer 2000 and Access 2000/2002 databases EPI Suite Market Leadership Slide 5 EPI Suite 6.0 EPIFaceFinder During image capture, EPI Suite automatically finds, centers and crops the face Ensures consistent photos from person to person Based on a sophisticated eye finding algorithm EPI 6.0 Version Features Slide 6 EPI Suite 6.0 EPIQuickPix Custom driver for the CCD2000 camera Custom driver for the Olympus 4000z camera Capture images with a single click or tap of the keyboard PC-controlled camera features including brightness, zoom, lighting and flash Automatically included with EPI Suite v6.0 EPI 6.0 Version Features Slide 7 EPI Suite 6.0 For large organizations with 10,000 or more employees Design, create, manage and control multiple IDs per person on a network Base Package: $3,295 Lan Station: $1,995 Lan Station NCP: $895 EPI Suite Pro Slide 8 EPI Suite 6.0 Features for Fast, Easy Enrollment Launch the card design module from the enrollment module Right-click to add new enrollment fields Display the active database in the title bar to ensure you have the right database and card layout Display image date/time stamp to determine if it is the most current Pick list of predefined magnetic stripe encoders EPI Suite Pro Slide 9 EPI Suite 6.0 Features for Fast, Easy Enrollment Cont. Select and view card layouts with a thumbnail preview Sample images, databases and layouts for multiple vertical markets Guard station mode for enhanced physical security EPI Suite Pro Slide 10 EPI Suite 6.0 Design Features Single- and dual-sided card design Variety of card sizes CR-80, CR-100, Custom, Lip, Flush Place bar codes on K plane Visual placeholders and print exclusion areas for Smart chips and magnetic stripes Color control for plastic, backgrounds, fonts, fill and line colors Variety of drawing objects Lines, rectangles, round rectangles, ellipses, polygons, text, static/dynamic images, bar codes, secure micro text Align, distribute, flip and rotate objects Zoom and snap to grid EPI Suite Pro Slide 11 EPI Suite 6.0 Design Features Cont. Conditional display reduces the number of card designs to manage Assign database fields to magnetic stripes and bar codes Import or export card backgrounds Fade: whitewash an image by increasing its brightness Transparency: blend an image with its background for a see- through effect Comes with built-in sample images Access all object properties in one mouse-click Displays the active database in the title bar Automatically resizes layouts for the destination printer EPI Suite Pro Slide 12 EPI Suite 6.0 Design Features Cont. PDF417 and Datastrip bar codes Ideal for government, library, airport, voter registration, jail and driver license applications If biometrics and text are combined on the bar code, customization of application-specific data structures and readers is available Requires customization to store biometric and image data Code 128, Mod 43 bar codes Ideal for health care applications EPI Suite Pro Slide 13 EPI Suite 6.0 Powerful Credential Management Import and export person, card and image information in batches Add cards in batches Update and delete card and person information in batches Accommodates having more than one card per person Eliminates having to duplicate persons information on each card type Enables users to more easily manage multiple cards for multiple people Reduces database size and data entry errors EPI Suite Pro Slide 14 EPI Suite 6.0 Card Management Statuses Ensures all cards are accounted for Card Re-print rules for valid, invalid, printed, lost, stolen, unprinted and disabled cards Card coding to ensure uniqueness EPI Suite Pro Slide 15 EPI Suite 6.0 Simple, Fast Data Entry and Retrieval 15 user-definable place holders to store photos, fingerprints and signatures User-defined field names and field types Pick lists to reduce data entry errors Editable pick lists to reduce data entry Read-only fields Validation rules (between a certain range, etc.) EPI Suite Pro Slide 16 EPI Suite 6.0 Simple, Fast Data Entry and Retrieval Cont. Flexible query options Complex Simple fill in the blank options for high volume enrollment applications Save and reuse queries from last enrollment project Delete queries Set a sort order EPI Suite Pro Slide 17 EPI Suite 6.0 Card Encoding Internal and external magstripe and smart chip encoder support Configurable encoder strings Custom dll required for smartchip encoder Bar code card reader configuration Flexible Image Capture Configurable image name and aspect ratio Store images inside the database or outside the database Configurable image compression Twain, direct (requires plug-in) or load from file Watermarking (custom project) EPI Suite Pro Slide 18 EPI Suite 6.0 User Types for Enhanced Security Viewer User Type Read-only access to admit cardholders into secure areas cannot print cards Print Clerk User Type Print-only capabilities cannot edit the database Change card statuses with password-protected supervisor authorization Clerk User Type Create and save database records and images; query the database; print cards Edit saved information and update card statuses with password-protected supervisor authorization EPI Suite Pro Slide 19 EPI Suite 6.0 User Types for Enhanced Security Cont. Supervisor User Account Create, modify and delete records; print cards; change card status; set up card formats Administrator User Account Delete database records, print cards, change card statuses, and set up card formats Customize the enrollment application, configure hardware, maintain user accounts EPI Suite Pro Slide 20 EPI Suite 6.0 Integration Tools Manual Import and Export OLE Automation Programming hooks to control EPI Suite from another application Print cards, login, query the EPI database, capture images, import/export, close and open the enrollment application Look up data in external databases and add it to the EPI Suite database Useful for integrating with 3 rd party applications or adding card printing to virtually any DB application Used to add background checking, watermarking, encryption, notifications EPI Suite Pro Slide 21 EPI Suite 6.0 Administration and Reports Database Utilities Field modification Importer (CSV, ODBC databases) Updater Reports Card details by format Cards printed by date Cards reprinted by card code Image statistics Person, image and card details People missing card formats or images Can be customized using Access 2000 EPI Suite Pro Slide 22 EPI Suite 6.0 For mid-sized companies with 1,000-10,000 records Design, create and manage multiple IDs per person on one workstation For companies who need network backup, more than one image, or are on a limited budget MSRP $1,995 U.S. EPI Suite Classic Slide 23 EPI Suite 6.0 All the features as EPI Suite Pro, except: Stores 5 images, rather than 15 No 2D bar codes No OLE automation No conditional displays No smartchip encoding No discounted LAN stations EPI Suite Classic Slide 24 EPI Suite 6.0 For cost-conscious organizations who need fewer than 1,000 records and only one card per person Single workstation MSRP $995 U.S. (5.5 was $895) EPI Suite Lite Slide 25 EPI Suite 6.0 All the features as EPI Suite Pro, except: Stores 3 images, rather than 15 No 2D bar codes No OLE automation No conditional display No smartchip encoding Not networkable No ODBC database No batched processes No transparency or fading design features No logs EPI Suite Lite Slide 26 EPI Suite 6.0 Languages v5.0 French (European), Spanish (Latin America), Arabic, German Translated user guide administrator guide only in English Site License Requires special order see discount guidelines Keyless or keyed versions available Evaluation Version No dynamic bar codes Prints samples only Limited to 25 records Keyless EPI Suite Support