Episode 5: Using Technology to Accelerate Your Personalization Initiative

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1. Using Technology to Accelerate Your Personalization Initiative The final episode in a 5-part series September 28, 2017 2. Speakers David Hernandez FFW Agency david.hernandez@ffwagency.com Melanie Poitras Acquia melanie.poitras@acquia.com 3. One of Acquias leading partners worldwide More than 250 Drupal specialists and 120 Acquia Certified Developers on staff In 2016, FFW was the recipient of the Acquia Partner Site of The Year award in the non- profit category for our work with the YMCA of Twin Cities. We create engaging digital experiences and the platforms that power them. FFWagency.com @FFWglobal 4. Other episodes in this webinar series Personalization Begins with Content https://www.acquia.com/resources/webinars/episode-1-personalization-begins-content Define Customer Segments Using a Data-driven Approach https://www.acquia.com/resources/webinars/episode-2-define-customer-segments-using- data-driven-approach How to Execute a Persona-based Content Strategy at Scale https://www.acquia.com/resources/webinars/episode-3-how-execute-persona-based- content-strategy-scale Personalization Best Practices https://www.acquia.com/resources/webinars/episode-4-personalization-best-practices 5. Personalization Begins with Content Focus on content first Begin with an audit Develop a well-formed matrix of personas Outline paths and priorities Listen to your subject matter experts 6. Define Customer Segments Using a Data-driven Approach Have defined goals Use data to see if you are achieving your goals Data is useless without analysis Test early and often Continuous improvement 7. How to Execute a Persona-based Content Strategy at Scale Understand what data and content is valuable Know your audience Create content that is reusable across segments Know what content is relevant and what isnt 8. Personalization Best Practices Integrate general web analytics with personalization analytics to correlate visitor session data Enrich content with structure to make it machine understandable Personalization begins with recognition Be consistent with your messaging across channels Learn from your results 9. Content Data Analysis Iterate 10. Using Technology to Accelerate Your Personalization Initiative Personalization fundamentals Key elements to look for in a martech stack How Drupals omnichannel capabilities can integrate with other systems, and make personalization on your digital properties simpler and easier Decision pitfalls to be aware of along the way Best of breed solutions 11. How does personalization actually work? 12. LOGO 13. Experience personalization or content personalization 14. Have a well-structured, flexible content architecture Take a structured content approach, regardless of whether you implement personalization Tag well Use a system with omnichannel capabilities Robust APIs Clean integration points Reduce duplication Keep messaging consistent 15. Pitfalls 16. Too much data Collect early and often but learn to filter 17. Too much too fast Start simple with personas Learn your audience Iterate 18. Indicate when personalization is in play Too much can make users uncomfortable Good UX keeps your users in the loop Eliminate confusion Proper labeling 19. Give users some control Allow them to affect the journey Keep them engaged Provide options 20. Experiment Early and often Solutions are customizable for a reason Dont hard-code your rules 21. Solutions 22. Understanding the solution that is right for you Enterprise Solutions Omnichannel Third-party, external Associated costs External marketing considerations Internal Solutions Single channel Smaller or simpler sites Fewer costs 23. Evergage Full featured Lots of integrations Usable for all or most of your channels High price point 24. Marketo Proven for marketing automation Flexible reporting Somewhat all or nothing Limited content integration 25. Optimizely Advanced testing capabilities Leverages machine learning for recommendations Limited content integration Lower price point 26. Adobe Target Comprehensive reporting and analytics Advanced testing capabilities Faster time to market Limited integration/3rd parties for data collection Complex suite of products 27. Lift Only tool built for Drupal Full content discovery and syndication Progressive profiling Requires no additional 3rd party tools Limited to personalization 28. Thank You


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