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    Standing Committee for the Humanities

    Building a European Reference Index

    For the Humanities - ERIH

    ERIH Initial List: Literature (2008) European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) is a project jointly sponsored by ESF and the European Commission ERA-Net project Humanities in the European Research Area (HERA) (Contract no.: ERAC-CT-2005-0161179). It comes under work-package 7 (Research Infrastructures).

    The ERIH lists will help identify excellence in Humanities scholarship and should prove useful for the aggregate benchmarking of national research systems, for example, in determining the international standing of the research activity carried out in a given field in a particular country. As they stand, the lists are not a bibliometric tool. The ERIH Steering Committee and the Expert Panels therefore advise against using the lists as the only basis for assessment of individual candidates for positions or promotions or of applicants for research grants. Expert Panel Scope Note: Literature studies encompass fields such as literary theory, literary history, comparative literature, rhetoric, cultural studies, folklore, poetics, theatre studies etc. The coverage of many national literary traditions with academic publication cultures in national languages relevant as forum languages - makes this a fragmented and very diverse field. The Panel does not cover literatures in non-European languages (Oriental and African Studies). Post-colonial literatures in European languages remain, however, within the scope of this Panel. For the fields of pragmatics and semiotics there are some overlaps with linguistics. For aspects of cultural and media studies there are overlaps with numerous other panels.

    Journal title Category ISSN

    a/b: Auto/Biography Studies B 0967-5507

    Achttiende eeuw (De) B 0929-9890

    Achtzehnte Jahrhundert (Das) B 0722-740X

    Acta Literaria B 0567-8269

    Acta Universitatis Carolinae - Philologica B 0567-8269

    Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis: Neerlandica Wratislaviensia C 0860-0716

    Aden (GIEN: Groupe Interdisciplinaire d'tudes nizaniennes) C 1638-9867

    Aevum: rassegna di scienze storiche linguistiche e filologiche C 0001-9593

    African American Review C 1062-4783

    Agenda (London) C 0002-0796

    Alighieri (L'): rassegna bibliografica dantesca C 1724-0433

    Allegoria: per uno studio materialistico della letteratura C 1122-1887

    Alternatives thtrales B 0774-4145

    Alvissmal C 0942-4555

    Amrica: cahiers du CRICCAL B 0982-9237

    American Drama B 1061-0057

    American Literary History A 0896-7148

    American Literary Realism A 1540-3084

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    American Literary Scholarship A 0065-9142

    American Literature B 0002-9831

    American Quarterly A 0003-0678

    American Transcendental Quarterly B 1078-3377

    Amerikastudien A 0340-2827

    Amsterdamer Beitrge zur neueren Germanistik B 0304-6257

    Amsterdamer Publikationen zur Sprache und Literatur B 0169-0221

    Anachronist C 1219-2589

    Anales Cervantinos B 0569-9878

    Anales de literatura hispanoamericana B 0210-4547

    Anales del Caribe C 0864-0491

    Anderseniana B 0084-6465

    Andvari C 0258-3771

    Angelaki A 0969-725X

    Angles: on the English Speaking World B 0903-1723

    Anglia B 0340-5222

    Anglo-Saxon England A 1474-0532

    Annales Jean-Jacques Rousseau A 0259-6563

    Annali della scuola normale superiore di Pisa C 0392-095X

    Annali dell'Istituto universitario orientale, Napoli: sezione romanza C 0547-2121

    Annali d'italianistica B 0741-7527

    Anne balzacienne (L') A 0084-6473

    Antipodes B 0893-5580

    Anuario de Estudios Filolgicos C 0210-8178

    Anuario de Letras B 0185-1373

    Arabesken. Tijdschrift van het Louis Couperus genootschap C 0929-6344

    Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik B 0171-5410

    Arbitrium: Zeitschrift fr Rezensionen zur germanistischen Literaturwissenschaft B 0723-2977

    Arcadia: Zeitschrift fr vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft A 0003-7982

    Archiv fr Begriffsgeschichte B 0003-8946

    ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature B 0004-1327

    Arizona Quarterly (The) B 0004-1610

    Armada B 1384-105X

    Arthurian Literature A 0261-9946

    Arthuriana A 1078-6279

    AS mediatijdschrift C 0773-5855

    Augen-Blick C 0179-2555

    Augias C 0108-0059

    Australasian Victorian Studies B 1327-8746

    Australian Journal of Irish Studies B 1444-5409

    Australian Literary Studies B 0004-9697

    Austrian Studies B 1350-7532

    Avant garde C 1387-3008

    Blgarski ezik i literatura (Sofija, Institut za blgarski ezik BAN) C 0323-9519

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    Belfagor: rassegna di varia umanit B 0005-8351

    Belgisch tijdschrift voor filologie en geschiedenis / Revue belge de philologie et dhistoire A 0035-0818

    BELL: Belgian Essays on Language and Literature C 1376-2958

    Bibliothque dhumanisme et renaissance A 0006-1999

    Bien dire et bien aprandre: revue de mdivistique B 0220-665X

    Biografie Bulletin C 0925-7764

    Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly B 0162-4962

    Blake: an Illustrated Quarterly B 0160-628X

    Boekenwereld (De): tijdschrift voor boek en prent C 0168-8391

    Bogens verden: Tidskrift for litteratur og kultur C 0006-5692

    Boletn de la Real Academia Gallega C 1576-8767

    Boletn, Real Academia de Buenas Letras de Barcelona C 1695-5110

    Book History B 1529-1499

    Borderlines: Studies in American Culture B 0968-7475

    Boundary 2: a Journal of Postmodern Literature A 0190-3659

    Brakman cahier C 1386-3517

    British Association for Romantic Studies Bulletin and Review B 0964-2447

    British Journal for 18th Century Studies A 0141-867X

    British Journal of Aesthetics A 0007-0904

    Bront Studies (Formerly: Bront Society Transactions) B 1474-8932

    Bulln B 1353-1913

    Bulletin de la socit detudes anglo-americaines des 17ime et 18ime sicles C 0291-3798

    Bulletin de la socit internationale des tudes yourcenariennes B 0987-7940

    Bulletin de l'Acadmie royale de langue et de littratures franaises B 0770-7061

    Bulletin du livre mdival B 0753-5015

    Bulletin Marcel Proust B 1249-674X

    Bulletin of Society of Italian Studies C 0264-2190

    Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Glasgow C 1475-3820

    Byron Journal B 0301-7257

    Byzantinoslavica, revue internationale des tudes byzantines C 0007-7712

    Cadernos de Literatura C 0871-4975

    Cadernos de literatura brasileira B 1413-652X

    Cadernos de literatura comparada C 1645-1112

    Cahiers de lassociation internationale des tudes franaises A 0571-5865

    Cahiers de recherches mdivales (XIIIe-XVe sicles) A 1272-9752

    Cahiers des amis de Pierre Benoit (Les) C 0992-9835

    Cahiers d'tudes hongroises C 1149-6525

    Cahiers du naturalisme (Les) A 1778-610X

    Cahiers elisabthains B 0184-7678

    Cahiers Internationaux de Symbolisme B 0008-0284

    Cahiers Jean Giraudoux B 0150-6943

    Cahiers naturalistes (Les) A 0008-0365

    Cahiers victoriens and edouardiens B 0220-5610

  • 4

    Cahiers Voltaire B 1637-4096

    Caietele Echinox C 1582-960X

    Callaloo, Journal of African American Literary Studies B 0161-2492

    Cambrian Medieval Celtic Studies A 1353-0089

    Cambridge Quarterly A 0008-199X

    Camoenae Hungaricae C 1786-5484

    Canadian American Slavic Studies C 0090-8290

    Canadian Journal of Netherlandic Studies B 0225-0500

    Canadian Literature A 0008-4360

    Canadian Review of Comparative Literature A 0319-051X

    Caravelle: Cahiers du monde hispanique et luso-brsilien B 1147-6753

    Castilla C 1133-3820

    Central Europe A 1479-0963

    esk literatura A 0009-0468

    Charles Lamb Bulletin C 0308-0951

    Chaucer Review A 0009-2002

    Chesterton Review C 0317-0500

    Chroniques italiennes B 0766-4257

    CLA Journal C 0007-8549

    Classiconorroena C 1071-4405

    Coleridge Bulletin B 0968-0551

    College Literature C 0093-3139

    Colloquia Germanica B 0010-1338

    Colloquium helveticum: cahiers suisses de littrature gnrale et compare B 0179-3780

    Colquia. Letras C 0010-1451

    Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies B 0069-6412

    Compar(a)ison: an International Journal of Comparative Literature C 0942-8917

    Comparatistica C 1120-7094

    Comparative American Studies (formerly: European Journal of American Culture) B 1741-2676

    Comparative Literature A 0010-4124

    Confrontation B 0010-5716

    Confronto letterario (Il). Quaderni del dipartimento di lingue e letterature straniere moderne dell'universit di Pavia B 0394-994X

    Conradian B 0951-2314

    Conradiana B 0010-6356

    Contemporanea C 1135-9978

    Contemporary French & Francophone Studies B 1740-9292

    Contemporary Literature A 0010-7484

    Contemporary Theatre Review B 1477-2264

    Cornica (La) B 0193-3892

    CRIN: cahiers de recherches des instituts nerlandais de langue et littrature franaises B 0169-894X

    Critica del testo B 1127-1140

    Critica letteraria B 0390-0142


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