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  1. 1. ERP on Cloud NFRA ERP ERP for Project based Industries XCEL ERP ERP for Manufacturing etrade ERP ERP Trading 3GL ERP ERP for Fleet Management Life Science ERP ERP for Process Industries HRMS ERP ERP for Human Resource As eresource NFRA ERP , designed explicitly for Project Industry it deals with core functional areas such as Project Monitoring and Control, Sales Management, Tendering, Bill of Quantities, Purchase and Supplier Management, Onsite Engineers Portal, Material Management, Labour and Contractors Management, Accounts & HRMS Eresource Manufacturing has the capacity of both nite and innite planning capabilities which assist you to develop original schedule. Eresource Manufacturing Management also transforms the supply chain to achieve production plan with your sales plan, manufacturing, nance and customers eresource Trading ERP systems consists of Sales , Purchase ,Inventory, GRN, Warehouse Management,HRMS and many MIS reports eresource ERP for Fleet Management serves as a ready resource for eet maintenance history, fuel usage, and driver details also you can easy manage areas like insurance asset management, tire management, inventory management,etc...Pharmaceutical Industry has been categorized under Batch Process Manufacturing. eresource ERP makes the process of forecasting simple. It is a powerful end-to-end business integration solution Eresource HRMS make it possible for small to mid-sized companies acquire a sophisticated HRMS package at a fraction of the cost that would have been incurred for a HR solution a couple of years ago. IND:+91 22 4111 8000


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