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Details of our ISIA training course in Verier



  • 165 hrs Training Verbier or Zermatt Part time work Great team 4th Year

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  • The ES ISIA programme is a season long

    training and development programme, with the

    opportunity to experience working for one of the

    largest, most established private snowsports

    schools in Europe, European Snowsport.

    The programme focuses on preparing you for

    the ISIA exams and building your experience as

    a ski instructor.

    The ISIA course runs from early December and

    prepares you for your ISIA technical exams.

    With trainers who have experience as examiners

    in the British and Canadian systems, we can

    offer specialist advice to direct your progress in

    your system of choice.

    Students become part of the ski school in every

    respect. If you are accepted at interview, you

    will work for ES in the high season and train in

    the low season.

    There is a great feeling of cameraderie and

    being part of a team on the course. Candidates

    often ski and train together in their own time,

    and you will be part of a close knit group working

    toward the same goals.

    You will receive a quality ES Academy branded

    ski jacket as part of the course.

    You will be mentored through your own

    individual development and action plan.

    In addition, you are surrounded by professional

    instructors who are pushing each other on and

    encouraging each other, many of whom have

    recently been through the ISIA exams.

    The aim is to give you the best training and

    preparation for your ISIA qualification and for

    you to return the following winter as a full time

    instructor with ES.

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  • We started in Verbier in 2003 and opened in Zermatt in 2005 and St Moritz in 2011. With a core of 30 full time

    instructors in Verbier and 15 in Zermatt, slightly smaller in St Moritz, we have a nice tight knit team.

    ES has a comprehensive training programme for its instructors to progress through the instructor qualification system

    and has an impressive record of success in exam passes. Last winter we had 3 passes on the BASI ISIA technical

    exam, 2 passes on the CSIA L3 technical exam, 7 passes on the BASI ISIA teaching, and 1 Eurotest pass. We also

    had exam passes for our instructors progressing in the Swedish and Swiss systems.

    ES Director is a former BASI trainer and board member, and our Technical Director in Verbier is a current CSIA

    examiner. Our director in St Moritz is a national representative on the ISIA committee and vice president of the ISIA.

    We have a highly qualified and experienced team of instructors, hand picked for the quality of the teaching experience

    they provide. Most of our staff return year after year, as do our clients.

    We have a great programme of staff events throughout the season and the team is friendly, close knit and supportive.

    We also encourage instructors to move within our resorts. As part of the programme, you will experience skiing in

    both Zermatt and Verbier, and be trained by trainers based in both resorts. You will also have the opportunity to work

    in both resorts if wished.

    We are also very proud of our Adaptive section. ES is one of only a handful of well equipped adaptive snowsport

    schools in the world and we are committed to helping everyone to enjoy skiing.

  • THE COACHESYour ES Academy coaches are the top trainers at ES.

    They include our Technical Directors and former and current examiners.

    Each group has a principal trainer and secondary trainers to cover

    specialist areas. Coaches include;

    Julian Griffiths, ES Director and Founder, former BASI trainer and

    Swiss patente

    Nick Reader, Technical Director, Verbier, current CSIA examiner

    Rowena Phillips, ES Director, Zermatt, BASI ISTD and Swiss Brevet


    Federico Sollini, Technical Director, Zermatt.

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  • Enrolment on the ES ISIA training course

    course will, once you are accepted at interview,

    provide you with the opportunity to work as a ski

    instructor for ES during the peak season weeks.

    This part of the course will be the most

    rewarding and allow you to gain

    crucial experience inside a busy

    snowsport school.

    The aim of ES Academy, from our

    perspective, is to produce a long term

    supply of high quality full time instructors. You

    will be part of the team from the beginning

    of the season. That is why the course starts

    with the ES Instructor training week in early


    This training week, more than any other, gives

    you the chance to get to know our team and

    become part of Zermatt or Verbiers community.

    You will have to meet all of ES standards of

    professionalism and behaviour to teach. ES

    have a high profile clientle with very

    high expectations. Successful

    applicants will be required to sign

    and abide by the ES employee

    code of conduct.

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  • wHAT'S inCLUDED 165 hours of training with ES top trainers, including current and former

    examiners and full cert instructors

    Quality ES Academy branded ski jacket

    Ski test

    Opportunity to train and work in either Verbier or Zermatt, with time in both


    Personal action planning and mentoring with your principal coach

    Regular video feedback

    Professional trainers to deliver specialist aspects of the programme,

    including specialist park training

    Second discipline preparation with ES Ride, ES Adaptive or ES Telemark

    Mountain Safety and off-piste training with highly experienced off piste


    Guidance on equipment

    A paid job ski instructing this winter with ES in either Verbier or Zermatt

    (subject to interview)

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    Week 1 05/12/2013 8/12/13 Train 15 ES Formation, team bonding and teaching trainingWeek 2 09/12/2013 -- Train 20 ES Formation Week, continued 14/12/2013 15/12/2013 Ski test Week 3 16/12/2013 Train 15 Technical focus + teaching elements Week 4 Week 4 WORK Teaching for ESWeek 5 30/12/2013 Work Teaching for ESWeek 6 06/01/2014 Train 15hrs Individual focus, piste performance and variableWeek 7 13/01/2014 Train 15hrs Individual focus, moguls and steepsWeek 8 20/01/2014 Train 15hrs Performance threads, individual technical trainingWeek 9 27/01/2014 Train 15hrs Personal performance developmentWeek 10 03/02/2014 Train 10hrs Personal performance coaching (freestyle elements)Week 11 10/02/2014 Train 15hrs Personal performance and teaching clinicsWeek 12 17/02/2014 Work Teaching for ES at half termWeek 13 24/02/2014 Work Teaching for ES Second week of half term*Week 14 03/03/2014 Train 15hrs BASI/CSIA Strands and Performance ThreadsWeek 15 17/03/2014 Train 15hrs Final fine tuning week intensive personal performanceWeek 17 31/03/2014 Work Teaching at Easter*Week 18 05/04/2014 Work Teaching at Easter

  • DETAILS Mountain Safety and Second Discipline scheduled when the conditions are right Total 165 hours training If demand for instructors for certain weeks changes, training and working weeks

    may be adjusted Mountain safety training and other specialist training will be scheduled nearer the

    start of the course depending on conditions Second discipline training will be scheduled according to demand Prices ISIA Course 1950 GBP; includes 165 hours training and quality ES Academy

    branded ski jacket. This price does not include accommodation, lift pass, exam fees or insurance.

    ContactPlease feel free to get in touch with any questions and to discuss your



    2012-13 team out skiing

  • Phone: +41 2 7771 6222

    Address: CP173, Verbier, 1936 Switzerland