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  • Esri PCI Natural Resources Grant Program Punarvasu(vasu) Pillalamarri

  • Introduction

    • 2012 Forestry User Conference- announced grant program

    • $100,000 worth of software and data given to each winner • PCI and Esri are the lead • Data providers were also included; MDA and RapidEye

  • Fast-forward to now

    • January 2013 winners announced • 24 winners selected- mixture of private, public, and

    education • The goal of the Natural Resources Imagery Grant Program

    is to show the value of GIS and image processing for natural resource management.

    • Each winner was selected because they showed fusion between GIS & Imagery and also leveraged use of SAR

    • Applications will be deployed in • Case studies to will be developed and made public

  • The Winners

    • Murray State University Department of Geosciences • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS),

    Department of Geography and Environmental Studies • The San Francisco Estuary Institute • San Juan Country Public Works - GIS Division • Smithsonian Institution • Texas A&M Forest Service • Texas Southern University Department of Urban Planning

    and Environmental Policy • University of Alaska Anchorage Department of Geomatics,

    School of Engineering • Bronx Community College of the City University of New York

  • The Winners

    • Catholic Relief Services • City of Russellville, Kentucky Waste Water Treatment Plant • Department of Computer Information Systems and

    Technology (CIST), University of West Alabama • First Tennessee Development District • Geospatial Group at WSP • GIS Department at the Madison County Council of

    Governments • Global Forest Partners LP • Kaho‘olawe Island Reserve Commission • Metropolitan State University of Denver • Michigan Technology University, Michigan Tech Research


  • The Winners

    • University of Connecticut • Yurok Tribal Government. • Washington State Department of Natural Resources,

    Division of Geology and Earth Resources • NatureServe

  • Example of Winner Applications

    • Florida Geological Survey, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

    • Enhanced Geomorphic/Geologic Mapping in Four National Park Service Units, Northeast Florida Utilizing Hyperspectral Imagery

    • Using Radar and RapidEye data to map bedrock classifications • PCI will be used for satellite preprocessing and radar analysis

    fusion • ArcGIS will be used for cartography , integrated GIS analysis,

    and serving applications

  • Who are we

    • PCI Geomatics is a world leader in geo-imaging systems • 3 tiers of offering • ArcGIS addon- GeoImaging Tools for ArcGIS- Image

    Correction Module and Radar Analysis Module • Geomatica 2013 • GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL)- Esri to go solution for

    processing 50 million SQ Km of imagery onto • Esri Gold Partner

  • • Geomatica Discover • Stand Alone web application • Geospatial data crawling to display footprints • Supports 100 + data formats , including shapefile and file

    geodatabase • Default basemap is streamed from • Access to open source road basemap for behind firewall

    scenario • Robust import and searching capabilities

    About to be released

  • Questions

    • More information about Natural Resources Grant Program: •\imagerygrant • PCI Geomatics Website: •

    • Punarvasu(vasu) Pillalamarri • Esri Business Partner Manager • Linkedin:

  • Esri PCI Natural Resources Grant Program Introduction Fast-forward to now The Winners The Winners The Winners Example of Winner Applications Who are we About to be released Questions Slide Number 11

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