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  • Essay Writing

  • Essay Writing LessonsEssay StructureEssay OutlineMoving from Topic to EssayOrganizing the Essay BodyEssay FormatHints & Tips

  • Essay StructureThe framework of your writing

  • EssayStructure

  • StructureIntroductory Paragraph- introduce & ease reader into topic- move from general sentences to specific ones- end with your thesis statement

    Eg: life literature book topic thesislife history people topic book - thesis

  • StructureThesis- An arguable statement, making clear the position the author takes on a topic- Depends upon your purpose & audience

    (Topic = what the text is about; the subject addressed by a textEg: greed, love, hope, jealousy, etc.)

  • StructureBody Paragraphs- where you prove your thesis

    Body Paragraph Structure:1. Point (topic sentence: proves thesis)2. Proofs (as many as are practical)3. Comment (relates proofs to thesis)

  • StructureConcluding Paragraph- re-state your thesis- move from specific sentences to general ones- ease reader away from essay, and back to real life again (theme statement)

  • StructureThe Rebuttal Paragraph

    - Acknowledge points of opposing argument- Minimize the validity of these points

    * Insert after your introductory paragraph!

  • Essay OutlineWhats required Marks for summative

  • Essay OutlineThesis (2)List of rebuttal points (3)For each body paragraph: (3X4)- Full topic sentence- Proofs in point form- Full comment sentenceThesis restatement in different words (1)Theme statement (2)

  • Moving from Topic to Essayin 8 easy steps!

  • Moving from Topic to EssayRead & understand topicDissect & brainstorm topicPick argument & brainstorm thesisForm & test thesisBrainstorm & organize supportList rebuttalsWrite, Revise, EditProofread & print good copy

  • Organizing the Essay BodyPrinciples & Development Methods

  • Organizing the Essay BodyOrganizing principle?- chronology- cause & effect- process- logic

    Development method?- define- classify- analyze- describe- compare- exemplify

  • Essay FormatMLA Style

  • Essay Format: Page 1

  • Essay Format:Subsequent Pages

  • Essay Format: Works Cited

  • Essay Format: In-Text CitationAuthors name in text -- page information in parentheses:eg: Murray claims that food is good for you (35-7).Authors name in reference -- name and page information in parenthesis:eg: There are many reasons why food is good for you (Murray 35-7).Full reference in text -- no parentheses necessary:eg: Murray, in pages 35-7 of his book, explains why food is good for you.

  • Hints & TipsAdvice for top marks

  • Hints & TipsDo not write in 1st person (avoid I)Do not start a body / concluding paragraph with a quotationMove from your weakest point to your strongestDo not use contractionsDo not use colloquial languageUse the present tenseRefer to author by last name Develop a creative title that relates to thesis

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