Essential Information and Guidelines for Guidelines for Schools (3).pdfEssential Information and Guidelines for Schools ... CAVATINA is delighted to offer our interactive concerts free to state schools. Our musicians are paid directly

Download Essential Information and Guidelines for   Guidelines for Schools (3).pdfEssential Information and Guidelines for Schools ... CAVATINA is delighted to offer our interactive concerts free to state schools. Our musicians are paid directly

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<ul><li><p>Essential Information and Guidelines for Schools </p><p>Bringing chamber music to young people, and young people to chamber music </p><p> Reg. Charity: 1067716 </p><p> CAVATINA is delighted to offer our interactive concerts free to state schools. Our musicians are paid directly by the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust. In return we simply ask for certain requirements to be met by the school. Both Primary (Key stage 2 only) and Secondary Schools are visited. Independent Schools share the costs. </p><p>Please read carefully the following important information. Audience: At Primary level these interactive concerts are designed for KS 2 (age 7 11) ONLY, The concerts have been very carefully designed for this age group. The Audience should consist of 90 -120 children, i.e. 3 or 4 classes maximum. CAVATINA has been sponsoring such concerts since 1998 and has a lot of experience of what works well, having visited a large number of schools throughout the country. In a 3 or 4 entry school, please give the older Years priority. The younger children will get their turn in future years as we like to build long-standing relationships with our schools and visit them annually. In most schools, we find that the children are well behaved and that there is no movement in and out of the Hall for any reason whatsoever. In the few schools that allow visits to toilets etc., we would like to point out that this disrupts the whole concert and shows a lack of respect to the musicians and should not be allowed. Secondary Schools please note: The preferred number of pupils is 50-75 pupils. Both GCSE and A-Level students are catered for with Ensembles tailoring the sessions to aid the relevant examinations. We encourage Teachers and Students to take advantage of our free Ticket Scheme. This would give pupils a fantastic insight into Chamber Music and the life of musicians. Presence of the Head Teacher is essential: If the Head is not present throughout the concert, there will not be a return visit to the school. It is a mark of respect to our professional musicians and demonstrates to the children that this is an important event in their school year. We are happy for the School to invite interested parents, governors or members of the public to these concerts. Feedback: Our final requirement is that the children produce a small sample of creative work in response to the workshop and the music they heard. These could be drawings, poems, stories, concert posters etc. </p><p>From now on we would prefer the school to choose the very best drawings, statements, poems etc. and scan a small number (6 maximum) and email them to the address below. Please include the name of the school. Ask the pupils to write their name, year and age in the bottom corner. </p><p>Please send the feedback within 2 weeks of the concert. We like to post the best drawings on our website and a postcard of the most outstanding entry of the year is printed as a CAVATINA Card. Secondary school pupils can email their thoughts to us. We feel that these requirements are reasonable, easy to carry out and help to create a wonderful atmosphere for the children and a truly memorable occasion for all. We are happy to build up a rapport with our schools and aim to return every year with a different ensemble if all goes well. __________________________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>For more information on the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust and its activities, please visit our website, </p><p>for music clips, videos, links and concert listings. </p><p> Please note we do not take part in School Music Festivals </p><p></p></li><li><p>Other Useful Information: Arrival: The ensemble will aim to arrive at least half an hour before the start of the workshop to warm up. This period is very important for them, please make sure the hall is completely clear and ready for them to set up. </p><p>Please have the children in place and already seated at the stated time of the concert. Placing the Ensemble: Through experience, we have learnt that the best way for children to sit in an oblong Hall is to place the Ensemble with their backs to the shorter wall facing the length of the room. Refreshments: The musicians would appreciate being offered tea, coffee or water on arrival. Chairs and stands: Ensembles will require adult-sized chairs with no arms, and the cellist prefers a piano stool if available. The musicians will bring their own music stands, but would appreciate 2 extra music stands for the ensemble to display their name cards. If not available, please inform us well in advance. Piano: We will let you know if the chosen ensemble includes a piano. The piano, if used, would need to be tuned as close to the date of the workshop as possible. The pianist, as well as the cellist, will need a piano stool. Concert Programme: Copies will be brought to the workshop by the ensemble or by the CAVATINA representative. They will be handed to all members of staff to act as an aide-memoire with a section for Teachers feedback. Information on all the Ensembles can be obtained from their websites, which can be found on Welcome: At the start of each workshop the Head Teacher (or Head of Music in a Secondary School) should welcome the ensemble and explain the aims of the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust, see next paragraph and website. The musicians will then introduce themselves. As our concerts are so popular, we have to choose our schools very carefully. Some of our schools have had an annual visit since 1998 and have a very happy relationship by always following our simple requests Attending public concerts: As our main aims are to introduce children to chamber music and start the concert-going habit, we would like to encourage teachers and parents to take young people from the age of 8 to venues and festivals where they can hear chamber music. You will find a whole list of venues nationwide with future concerts in Most of these concerts are free for 8-25s. Seeing brilliant musicians on the concert stage is a wonderful way to encourage playing and listening. </p><p> YouTube, Spotify etc. are great sources of Classical Music. </p><p> Why not encourage the children to find the music listed in the Programme. </p><p>Repetition is the best way to get to know this glorious music. </p><p>Thank you for your participation! We are sure you will enjoy the visit! </p><p>CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust 52D Maresfield Gardens </p><p>London NW3 5RX </p><p> </p></li></ul>