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  • Make events every day of the week - Private Home Catering,Events, Conferences, Bar/Bat Mitzvah - up to 250 people

    Mul HaPark is a spacious, luxurious hall for events up to 250 people.A newborn son? Bar/Bat Mitzvah, company team-building evenings

    or another successful year finished? These are all reasons to celebrate

    AAnndd iiff yyoouu aarree aallrreeaaddyy cceelleebbrraattiinngg,, ssoo MMuull HHaaPPaarrkk

    The staff at Mul HaPark are professional, skilled and polite. Attentive to all your requests and know how to grant personal and warm relations. They will do everything for the success of your personal event.

    WWaarrmm eevveennttss aatt MMuull HHaaPPaarrkk

    Kosher, under the supervision of the Raanana Rabbinate (possible for Mehadrin)

    Ahuza Street 267 (corner of Yerushaliim) above Park Cinema, Raanana

    For more details and orders: 09- 7712111

    OfferBrit Mila in the

    afternoon. Sun Thurs

  • For those of us who have lived in Israel for anumber of years, our Hebrew may be deemedgood, fluent, or even polished. At the end ofthe day, our eyes still drift to the English side ofthe cereal box or the English on the road signs!Its what we are most comfor table with. Forthose who are new Olim, or who haventmastered the complex language called Hebrew,picking up a local or national newspaper ormagazine is off limits.

    EssentialRaanana offers us the chance toread both topical ar ticles and ar ticles about theRaanana area, and the lives of its residents in ourown language with an Anglo twist. Our aims aretwo-fold: to produce a high quality magazine witha high standard of journalistic content.

    Your views are impor tant to us, so let usknow by email what you do and do not likethis is your magazine! We welcome your ideasand comments, however small they are.

    The success of EssentialRaanana dependson the adver tisers, so please try and suppor tthem, and mention you saw their adver ts here.

    We would like to thank our team for theirhard work in bringing together our firstmagazine. The final product has really exceededour expectations in every way.

    Lastly, but definitely not least, we would liketo thank our adver tisers. We look forward tohaving long-lasting business relationship togetherand thank you all for your suppor t. Enjoy!

    Daniel Engelsman & Doron SeitzPublishers

    Welcome to the first issue of EssentialRaanana! We are very excited to finally see thefruits of our labor in print!

    We would like to thank all of the Raananaresidents who have helped us get this magazineup and running.

    Since the English-speaking community inRaanana is so diverse, we attempted to includecontent that would appeal to a variety of agesand interests.

    As you can imagine, launching a newproject can be filled with many emotions. Ofcourse we are thrilled to see the creative ideasthat weve been discussing for so long finallycome to print, but we also wonder how themagazine will be accepted into the community.

    Therefore, after flipping through andreading the ar ticles, we request that you sendus your feedback. In order to make thismagazine a success, its very impor tant to usthat we know what kind of content you areinterested in reading.

    In the meantime, enjoy the first issue ofEssentialRaanana!

    We look forward to hearing from you!Bivrachot,

    Yehudit Singer & Morey AltmanEditors

    EssentialRaanana 3


    22 EssentialRaanana

    Write down the answers next to the terms provided and thenlook for your answers in the word roundup.You can also workbackwards by looking for words in the roundup and see if theyprovide the answers to the list of questions.

    O F B Q D O U G H N U T S

    M O N N E H T M A F I E L

    E S N O A A G U L E E E I

    N S O T D R H I K B D T A

    G I L G S O O A A A U A T

    N L Y N E N A C N G R N G

    I S B I A E A X G E B A A

    D E A H O M F U A L A R W

    N F B S H I Y O R N N G B

    I K H A R R Y P O T T E R

    F I D W O T C N O R E M W

    L U M U S H R O O M S O E

    J C R A N B E R R Y U P B

    Feathered visitor in the fall (autumn)Lowest seaGrows under pine treesHarbour city in South AfricaRound breadCity in ancient IraqSimba is oneA berryYoung wizardPreserved animalsStory of a fishSymbol of IsraelHero of HanukkaCapital of USAFood of HanukkaMountain in IsraelIn AustraliaWith many seeds


    1 3 8 73 4 2

    9 7 4 56 2 4 8

    8 5 1 77 4 6 8 3

    2 7 8 14 8 2

    9 7 6

    6 58 9 4

    2 7 63 7 4 6

    9 7 1 86 9 5 2

    2 6 57 4 25 6

    82 7 3

    2 7 97 3 5 2 9

    5 73 2 9 8 1

    9 4 54 3 1


    Answers will be in the next edition


    SudokuEnter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit.

    So must every column, as must every 3x3 square.



    by Marina Shemesh

    Marina Shemeshis a freelance writer andtranslator. She can bereached



    Talking withPeter Ostrin

    Picky Eaters

    ISSUE 01, JANUARY 2010

    EssentialRaanana, Issue 01PUBLISHERS: Doron Seitz, Daniel Engelsman; EDITORS: Yehudit Singer, Morey Altman; DESIGN: Claire Perets; SALES: Michael RubinoffOn the cover: Photograph by Morey Altman. To contact us, please call: 052 7458883, or email: To advertise, please call: 054 5400931All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the written permission of the publishers. Stock photography: Other photography: Morey Altman & Better Place. Essential Ra'anana is not responsible for advert contents. The opinions or views expressed in Essential Ra'anana are those of the articles authors and not necessarily of Essential Ra'anana.

    4 Urban Tu BshvatWill the congestion of GushDan hinder the Growth ofGreen?

    6 Picky EatersPractical steps to help yourchild co-operate duringmealtime

    8 Talking With...Peter Ostrin, Amateur Luthier

    10 Raanana:Beyond the Lost Decade

    14 Celebrating Tu BshvatIn the Outdoors

    16 Who are you really cheering on this summer?Finance and the World Cup

    18 Israeli TechnologyFuels Electric Cars

    20 Top 5 Reasons to Use TwitterSocial Media made simple forbusiness and personal use

    22 Roundup, SudokuEssential HebrewSlang, Idioms & Common Expressions: This months topic - FOOD

  • climbing at an alarming rate,multiple studies show that havingtrees and nature nearby isimpor tant to a persons choiceto go outdoors and be active.Trees directly help our economy,with a scientific study showingthat shoppers respond positivelyto trees in downtown businessdistricts, with mature, well-managed urban forests withoverarching tree canopies helpingto create a sense of place. Treesfilter water, stabilize erosion, andclean our air, every minute ofevery day.

    We have JNF forests, but wecan cer tainly use more parks.Wehave abundant agriculture, yetchildren in our cities haveprobably never climbed a tree.There is a choice to be made.Cities around the world havetaken up the mantle of urbangreening rescuing theirenvironments, improving theirenergy sources, and enriching thelives of their citizens. Will we inIsrael eventually be taking daytrips to the country to see whatnature really is? Are we therealready?

    This Tu BShvat, I will bethinking of my poor abused figtree. I love living in the city. Theshops, museums, concer ts,restaurants, and especially themelting pot of people make itsuch a rich cultural place whereIm delighted to hang my hat. ButI do not think I can continue livingin a place where my futurechildren will not be able to climbtrees, not only because there areso few, but because surroundedby metal walls, wires, andconcrete, the trees themselvescannot possibly be climbed.

    4 EssentialRaanana

    need to tell you about myfavorite tree in Israel.

    Getting lost in the urbanjungle one day, I suddenly

    encountered an overwhelminglysweet fragrance. A grand fig treewas hidden nearby. Granted, Ihave a nose for fig trees, but thistree took me ages to find. Andwhat a tree! So large that itsbranches form a canopy thatwithstands rain. So fruitful that itlooks as if its always adorned injewels that rain down upon thoselucky enough to pass under it.

    Im not a tree-huggingfanatical activist, but with TuBShvat around the corner, I needto tell you about this tree becausethe sight of it broke my hear t.With thousands of people passingit daily in one of the busiest urbancenters, a majestic fragrant fruit-bearing tree is choked up to thebranches by corrugated metalwalls, its trunk entirely hidden andsmothered, a vast multi-levelconcrete car park to one side, askyscraper to the other.

    On Tu BShvat we celebratetrees, plant trees, and rejoice inthe eating of their varied fruit. Theholiday has come a long way from a minor administrativemarker to a national springtimefestivity. But this year, I will bethinking beyond to a possiblefuture Tu BShvat tradition thecultivation of urban forests.

    Past to Present: a minorholiday becomes a nationalistmovement.

    In Mishnaic times, Tu BShvatwas a minor holiday, one of thefour new years, a date forcalculating when the agriculturalcycle began and ended for thepurpose of biblical tithes involving

    Irne Sharon Hodesis an American writer,blogger, cook, and wineconsultant living in TelAviv; her eccentric food &wine blog can be foundat

    Will the congestion of Gush Dan hinder the growth of green? by Irne Sharon Hodes

    trees and fruit. Later, the holidaybecam

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