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This is our eTwinning project.


  • 1.About us eTwinning project

2. My name is Dominik Rzemek. Im fourteen. My favourite hobbys is sport, especially basketball, football and handball. I also like playing computer games. I dont like Chemistry, Physics and Biology. 3. Hi. Im Kuba. Im 13 years old. I love swimming but I hate eating fish. I also like IT and English lessons. In my free time I like reading crime stories such as Sherlock Holmes and Aghata Christie books. 4. Hello! Im Kuba. Im fourteen years old. I like playing table tennis, running and swimming. I like rock and metal music. My favourite bands are: Metallica, Linkin Park, Nirvana, System of a Down and Depeche Mode. 5. Hi Guys! My name is Hubert. Im 14 years old. I like watching TV and sport. My favourite sport is football. Im interested in Information Technology. I hate Chemistry and Physics. My favourite lesson are English and Maths. I like pets. Ive got a dog called Aster. 6. Ladies and Gentlemen ! My name is Marcel. Im 13 years old. I like listening to music, playing computer games. My favourite school subject is Information Technology. My favorite sports are football, basketball and table tennis. I like animals. Ive got a dog and two fish. :-D Ladies Gentelman 7. Hi guys! Im Julia. Im 14 years old. I like hanging out with my friends and playing basketball. I like listening to Pop music. My favourite band is One Direction. I dont like playing football and eating brussels. I love playing volleyball and dancing. In my free time I watch TV. My hobbies are sport and dancing. I like to get know all of you ! 8. Hi guys ! My name is Ola. Im 14 years old. I love listening to Rap music. I hate eating fast foods. My hobby is playing football. I like hanging out with my friend in the evening. Id love to meet you all !!! 9. About me ! My name is Kasia. I am 14 years old. My favourite colour is pink. I love playing football and volleyball. I have two best friends Maja and Wika.I like them. My favourite singer is Sylwia Grzeszczak. I dont like Chemistry. I like Maths. 10. Hi. I am Kasia Drzewiecka. I was born on 10th September 2000. I live in Zegrze, in Poland. I'm short girl with long, brown hair and green eyes. I'm aspiring writer. I writing for my readers and I love it. This is my hobby. I often listen to music. I like all kinds of music, but the most pop. My favourite band is One Direction. I am absolutely in love 11. Hi Guys! Im Wiktoria. My friends call me Flower. Im 13 years old. I love listening to Justin Bieber. I hate heavy metal music. I like playing football. My favourite sport team is FC Barcelona.

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