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  • Eucharistic SpiritualityLiving a Eucharistic Life

  • Jesus assumed our flesh. Let us give him ours, so that in this way he can come into the world and transform it. Benedict XVI

  • The Eucharist evangelizes our surroundings. Blessed John Paul II

  • In the Eucharist Jesus does not give us a "thing," but himself. Benedict XVI

  • Every great reform is linked to the rediscovery of belief in the Lord's Eucharistic presence

  • A visit with Jesus

  • I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jn. 14Jesus TruthJesus Life Jesus Way

  • Do not fear; I am with you. From here I will enlighten. Live with a penitent heart.

  • Discovering our Encounter with God

  • Freely accept Gods gift

  • Word and EucharistWitness

    How do you witness to Gods presence in your life and Gods world?

    What renewed presence will assist you and others for an encounter with God?

    Where do you envision this renewed witness and encounter taking place?

  • I Am with you always

  • Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp, 2013


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