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Euroblinds offers expert advice and solutions for all your shading needs, including retracting roof systems, folding arm awnings, cafe blinds, sun blinds, canopies, roller shutters & indoor blinds. For more information, please contact: Euroblinds, 6 Ruby Crt, Melbourne, Vic 3075. Ph: 1300 40 53 54, Web:


  • 1. Euro blinds provides expert advice and solutions for all your shadingneeds over 25 years. Our service includes:Retracting roof systemsFolding arm awningsCafe blindsSun blindsCanopiesRoller shuttersIndoor blindsDoesnt matter if its a small home or a large commercial project, we are able totake care of your needs. So for all your blinds and awnings Melbourne,we are the right hands.

2. Application:We offer the best and mostaffordable shading solutionfor your needs.These applications includeuse in :Domestic homesRestaurants and cafesUniversities, schoolsHigh rise apartmentsGovernment buildingsCommercial and industrialpremises in Melbourne 3. Functionality:Our latest designed andinnovative outdoorblinds, awnings andinternal blinds areproviding the bestservice in sunshade andweather protectiontechnology.These are easy to useto meet your shadesolution 4. Quality:We supply a vastselection of excellentquality Australian andEuropean products, aswell as custom madequality products with a 5years warranty.We can tailor the rightsolution to suit yourspecial requirementsand budget. 5. Options:You will get a largerange of fabric, colorand componentoptions for yourawnings or blindsfrom our collectionfrom leadingAustralian andEuropean suppliers 6. Our Products:1. Retractable Roof System2. Folding Arm Awnings3. Outdoor Awnings4. Outdoor Blinds5. Canopy Awnings and Hoods6. Roller Shutters7. Indoor Blinds 7. Contact UsPlease contact us if you would like to seeour products and 1300 40 53 54Fax: 03 9464 0745Email: : Please call for location andtimes.Factory : 14 / 1 Austarc Ave Thomastowm3074


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