euthanasia (mercy killing)

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  • 1. Euthanasi a (Mercy Killing)Presented by : Mousumi Chowdhury Ritu Halder Munmun Mallik

2. Definition From Greek word Eu = good, nice, merciful and facilitated Tathanos = death or killing Linguistically = merciful death or killing orgood or facilitated death Modern science = facilitating the death of anincurable patient at his own pressing requestpresented to the treating physician. 3. People who are involved Patient in permanent vegetative state who isawake and kept alive on artificial life support(respirators, heart-lung machine and IVnutrition) Patient in terminal ill and may not be subjectto any life support machines 4. Types of euthanasia PassiveLetting a person die by taking no action tomaintain his/her life.Withdrawing medical or surgicalprocedures and life support system. ActiveAn act of commission by taking action thatleads to death fatal injection 5. Conditions that leads to euthanasia An individual is considered dead in one of thefollowing two situations: Complete irreversible cessation of respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Complete irreversible cessation of the functions of the brain including the brain stem. 6. It provides a way torelieve extreme pain It provides a way of reliefwhen a persons qualityof life is low Frees up medical fundsto help other people 7. Cons Euthanasia devalues human life Euthanasia can become a means ofhealth care cost containment Physicians and other medical carepeople should not be involved in directlycausing death 8. In case of brain death it is required to have thepresence of a reliable medical specialist wellexperienced in the clinical diagnosis of brainand brain stem death and the variousimplications of such diagnosis. The team comprises two specialists withexperience in diagnosing brain death. One ofthe two doctors of the team should be aspecialist in neurology, neurosurgery orintensive care. 9. If a number of medical experts determine that apatient is in a terminal condition, and there isno hope for his/her recovery and allmedications have become useless, then itpermissible for them, through a collectivedecision, to stop the medication. 10. Fatwa of Prominent Muslim Scholar Sheikh Yusof Al-Qaradawi Euthanasia is Islamically forbidden for itencompasses a positive role on the part of thephysician to end the life of the patient andhasten his death via lethal injection, electricshock, a sharp weapon or any other way. Thisis an act of killing, and, killing is a major sinand thus forbidden in Islam, the religion ofpure mercy. 11. As for the suspension of medicaltreatment via preventing the patient fromhis due medication which is, from amedical perspective, thought to beuseless, this is permissible and sometimesit is even recommended. Thus, thephysician can do this for the sake of thepatients comfort and the relief of hisfamily. 12. Nancy Cruzan lost control of her car one day in January1983 in Missouri. When the paramedics arrived, they wereable to restore her breathing and heartbeat and she wastransported, unconscious, to hospital. She continued to befed through a surgically- implanted gastrostomy tube. Afterseveral years, a court found that, although her respirationand circulation continued unaided, she was oblivious to hersurroundings except for reflexive responses to sound andperhaps painful stimuli; her brain had degenerated,irreversibly; she was a spastic quadriplegic; she sufferedcontraction of her four extremities, with irreversible muscleand tendon damage; and had no cognitive or reflex ability toswallow food or water or to maintain her essential dailyneeds nor would she ever recover such an ability. 13. Chantal Sebire 14. Netherlands (Green), Oregon and Washington (Yellow), Belgium (Red) 15. The Sunday Times Magazine(London) reported that Dignitass, Swisssuicide facilitating organization, founder,Ludwig Minelli, plans to create a chain ofdeath centers "to end the lives of peoplewith illnesses and mental conditions suchas chronic depression."


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