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1. EVALUATION! 1.How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues? 2. Conventions-Action Genre Action movies usually consist of props like guns. The lighting differs from scene to scene, depending on what the director wishes to portray. The clothing is , mostly dark to connote seriousness. Fast paced editing to capture the action. 3. Use of Conventions in My Product Similarly, my product uses all these conventions. Two guns were used. Low key lighting was used in the interrogation scene to connote seriousness. High key lighting was used in the fight scene to make the action easily visible to the audience. Dark jackets, coats or hoodies were worn by all of the characters. The use of fast paced editing throughout the fight scene. 4. Challenging Conventions Although many action films cast protagonists, based on their good looks. My film consists of one that has more of a rugged look, which suits the role of a disturbed man. In contrast to the usual conventions, my film does not make use of outdoor scenes to film the action. All the action takes place in corridors or the apartment. 5. Social Groups In terms of social groups, my film is dominated by male characters, as action films are mostly. Another common aspect of action films is that the police are shown as heroes. Similarly, Bronson, the police officer steps in to save Harris, by stopping him before he killed Fisher. There is use of the gang concept as well. Lil Pete and Fisher are partners in crime.