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Broad overview of some cool productivity tools. More info: http://www.laughtercrystal.com/2014/01/evernote-beyond-productivity-tools-to.html By Crystal Paradis vital. | vtldesign.com


<ul><li> Evernote &amp; Beyond! Tools to Save Time &amp; Make Your Life Easier ! Crystal Paradis | @laughtercrystal </li> <li> Crystal Paradis @laughtercrystal Founder, #portsbkfstclub, weekly local tech / marketing meetup Co-Organizer, TEDxPiscataquaRiver 2013 &amp; 2014 Copywriter &amp; Content Strategist, vital. Spreader of #PortsmouthLOVE Board member, Seacoast Social Media Presenter, Social Media Breakfast NH PR &amp; Media Relations, New Hampshire Film Festival </li> <li> Please Participate! Ask Questions! Share / Post: #SWNevernote! Answer Questions ! Share your challenges &amp; successes </li> <li> Tools well cover Evernote! Dropbox! Google Drive! IFTTT! Bitly! Skitch! Tweetdeck! Mailbox </li> <li> So many tools! So little time. Lets go. </li> <li> *Question* Have you ever emailed yourself a document? ! How about a website link or article? </li> <li> *Question* Have you ever hunted through paper files for bills, account numbers, etc.? </li> <li> *Question* Have you ever had to go through the Forgot Password process more than once on the same website? </li> <li> Evernote Remember Everything </li> <li> What is Evernote? Tool / App! External Brain </li> <li> What does Evernote do? Stores:! Text notes! Pictures / image les! Audio les / MP3s (record on mobile app)! Documents: PDFs, Word, Excel! Web pages / articles </li> <li> What does Evernote do? View by date, title, notebook, tag! Reminders! Attachments! Checklists! Mark-up (highlight / Skitch)! Links (URLs or links to other Evernote notes) </li> <li> How can I use it? On your computer(s)! On your phone! On your tablet! Not your computer? Log in through website </li> <li> How can I use it? Document storage (Dropbox / iCloud)! Links / Articles / Bookmarks (Delicious, Pocket)! Inspiration / Research (Pinterest / scrapbook)! Archive of communications (Gmail / Outlook)! To-do Lists (Siri / Wunderlist / pen &amp; paper)! Personal reference information (your brain / les) </li> <li> How do I add stuff? Type or paste directly into it on mobile, desktop, or web interface! Email to your Evernote account email address (nd under Account Info)! Drag &amp; drop les to desktop app! Page Camera/Microphone in mobile app! Browser extension (Web Clipper) or mobile apps (EverClip, Lightly)! IFTTT recipes </li> <li> Best feature: Search! </li> <li> Search Lightning-fast, very robust search function ! Title! Tag or notebook name! Body text! Text in images, PDFs, Word docs, Excel les, etc.! Filenames of attachments </li> <li> How can I search? Notebooks! Tags! Keywords (very robust)! Text in photos, PDFs, documents (great OCR)! Location created! Date created or modied </li> <li> How can I search? </li> <li> Sharing Share whole notebooks! Colleagues, assistant, family! Share link to single note ( + / to copy)! Recipe, directions, reference info </li> <li> Document Storage Limitless cumulative storage space! Monthly allowance is large (esp. if Premium)! Never have to email yourself!! Scan paper docs directly (Doxie/Eye-Fi)! Document Camera (mobile)! Business Card Camera (mobile it autolls!) </li> <li> Run Your Business Keep track of bills (reminders)! Keep track of clients (tags)! Clip / collect inspiration from the web! Meeting notes, to-do lists! Learn more: evernote.com/business </li> <li> Link / Article Saver Copy / Paste! Web clipper (browser)! EverClip (mobile)! IFTTT / Pocket! Forward emailed articles! Available ofine! (Premium feature) </li> <li> Inspiration Board Project lists! Inspirational photos! Household projects! Travel plans! Design / decorating inspiration! Blog post ideas / drafts! Personal &amp; Professional goals! Shareable with friends / family / team (Premium feature) </li> <li> Archive of Communications Meeting minutes! Notes from calls! Emails (forwarded to Evernote)! Mail (scanned to Evernote / document camera)! Conrmation numbers / order history! Access, reference, and search easily </li> <li> To-do Lists Default Inbox notebook (empty constantly)! Mark Reminders / Due dates for all actionable items! Ordered by notebook / project! Link to / between notes for accessing complex projects (Table of Contents)! Reminder IS the note youre working on </li> <li> Personal Reference Information Login usernames / passwords! Account numbers! Bills, pay stubs, reference documents! Manuals (QR linked to item / equipment)! Scan everythingGoing paperless </li> <li> Is my information safe? Export &amp; archive your information for backup, as you would your laptop/desktop! Read more in Evernotes Terms &amp; Conditions! Very respected reputation for security &amp; encryption! Like emails or Dr./Patient privilege, can be subpoenaed </li> <li> Should I go Premium? Larger monthly upload allowance (Cumulative always free)! Larger single note allowance/attach larger les! Share notebooks with others (accepting shared notebooks always free)! See all note history/previous versions! Search within PDFs (text in photos always free)! Annotate PDFs with Skitch </li> <li> Fun Stuff Extras &amp; Examples </li> <li> Ditch Instruction Manuals Scan instruction/operating manuals into Evernote! Make QR code link to Evernote note! Tape QR code to device (scanning will open note with manual!)! How: http://bit.ly/QRmanuals </li> <li> Collaborate At Work Invite team members to various notebooks! Record audio messages from mobile &amp; save to shared notebook w/ team members/assistants! Easily clip articles/web content to share or archive for projects! Related notes pulls up notes you may not know/remember that are relevant </li> <li> Decide What To Eat Save photos of delicious food to inspire while at the grocery store! Recipes with photos (web clipper)! Categorize/tag: healthy, breakfast, quick meals, snacks, lunch, or new recipes! List of restaurants to try/revisit (Evernote Food)! Share individual recipes online or in emails </li> <li> Remember Where You Parked Open new note &amp; type Parked or small note &amp; drop a pin.! Upon returning, open that note &amp; tap Location to lead yourself back to parking spot </li> <li> Create a public link with a press kit Never email your bio/headshot again! </li> <li> SmartFiling: Emails to Reminders Forward to Evernote address (save to address book for quick autocomplete forwarding)! Simply sending will send to default inbox! Sending with ! at the end will add Reminder! Smart Filing by subject line SRNT! Subject !Reminder @Notebook #Tag (Should Really Note This)! Example: Sign up for this !tomorrow @work #todo #events! Reminder options: !tomorrow, !monday, !YYYY/MM/ DD, or simply ! </li> <li> Some Shortcuts + = Tags! + J = Jump to notebook! Shift + + J = Jump to tag! + [ = Back! + i = View Note info! + / = Copy share URL to clipboard </li> <li> More resources Endless case studies, examples, tutorials at blog.evernote.com! Evernote Paperless: jamierubin.net! My tips &amp; tricks: laughtercrystal.com </li> <li> Next! </li> <li> *Question* Have you ever waited for your outbox to send a large file? Wondered if a person received an email with a large attachment? </li> <li> Dropbox Share Everything </li> <li> Dropbox Cloud storage! Desktop / mobile / web </li> <li> Personal Storage Auto-backup mobile photos ! *Beware space limit! Access frequently-used les anywhere! Headshots, bios, PDF of contacts, etc. </li> <li> Best feature: Sharing! </li> <li> Easy sharing Free storage (up to 2GB)! No more large attachments! Send link to view or download a le or folder! *Bonus: If the recipient is low on space, they can simply download! Invite to join folder! Pro/Business accounts with larger storage &amp; number of users is available </li> <li> Privacy Levels Personal storage! Copy public link and send to anyone! anyone with link can view/download! Invite other dropbox users to folder(s)! only their email address can access) </li> <li> Next! </li> <li> *Question* Have you ever wondered which version of a document was the most current or correct? </li> <li> Google Drive Collaborate in real time! *Formerly Google Docs </li> <li> Google Drive Free storage ! Connected to your Google account! Upload images, les (.doc, .xls, .ppt, PDF, etc.)! Create, edit, and save les (.doc, .xls, .ppt, PDF, etc.) </li> <li> Best feature: Real-time sync! </li> <li> Real-time Sync PRO: Say goodbye to versions!! Those shared can edit / alter! Everyone can be condent that they have the most recent version (attendee lists, etc.)! CON: Say goodbye to versions!! Those shared can edit / alter! *History is still saved </li> <li> Privacy Levels Private (only your Google account can access)! Invite-only (only specic Google users or those with Google sign-in set up may view)! Anyone with link (Email list where some may not have or know how to access Google sign-in)! Public / searchable (Stuff you want to promote) </li> <li> Next! </li> <li> *Question* Have you ever been busy? </li> <li> IFTTT If This, Then That Automate! </li> <li> Automate ALL the things! Connect Channels! Browse or create Recipes! Add Trigger &amp; Action! Sit back &amp; nally nish that book </li> <li> Channels </li> <li> Automate social media posts Cross-channel posting </li> <li> Automate social media posts Temperature rises &gt; post about iced tea </li> <li> Automate notications Make a e-commerce sale &gt; get a text </li> <li> Reminders for stellar networking Meet a new person &gt; Email to follow up next day </li> <li> Next! </li> <li> *Question* Have you ever tried to type out a long URL on your phone? </li> <li> *Question* Do you wonder if anyone is visiting the links you post? </li> <li> bitly Shrink Links &amp; Track Clicks </li> <li> Save links Paste into website! Link is saved to Bitly! One-touch copy for pasting into email, social media post, etc. </li> <li> Save links Browser extension </li> <li> Track clicks See how many people clicked! </li> <li> Track clicks See more stats &amp; info </li> <li> Bonus! Theres even Bitly for Feelings! </li> <li> Next! </li> <li> *Question* If you need to mark up a photo or screenshot, what do you use? ! A. B. C. D. Photoshop Word Other program I just describe with a long message </li> <li> Skitch Annotate! </li> <li> Fast, intuitive annotation Arrows! Circles / Squares! Marker / Highlighter! Pixelate for privacy </li> <li> Where can I use Skitch? Desktop! Mobile! iPad! Nook! Within Evernote </li> <li> Evernote + Skitch = Love Link with Evernote! All images save to Evernote! Edit Evernote notes within Evernote w/ Markup </li> <li> How can I use Skitch? Collaboration </li> <li> How can I use Skitch? Feedback </li> <li> How can I use Skitch? How-tos </li> <li> Next! </li> <li> *Question* How many of you are on Twitter personally? </li> <li> *Question* How many of you are on Twitter professionally? </li> <li>...</li></ul>