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Cling films encloses the food products in a better hygiene and sealed manner. This food packaging offers better containment of the food and it is widely used by catering and fast food industries. Cling wrapping is more cost effective compared to other traditional food packaging. https://www.albayader.com/fs-foilandfilm/


  • Everything You Need to Know

    About Cling Film Food packaging

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  • Cling Films / Cling Wraps

    ● Cling film packaging is one of the widely used food packaging methods in the

    global market. ● Catering Industries , Fast food suppliers

    utilizes all the advantage of this packaging.

    ● Cling film packaging is the least time consuming packaging and highly

    effective in preserving the freshness of the food for long.

  • Safety of cling film packaging

    ● Cling films are safe to use as it does not cause any harmful chemical reaction with the food.

    ● Cling films can withstand and hot as well as cold temperature with proper sealing of the food.

    ● Using the cling film packaging as per the user guidance, then it is one of the best hygienic food packaging measures.

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  • Benefits of Cling film packaging

    ➜ Flexible in its packaging. Cling films can pack any sized and shaped goods.

    ➜ With the transparency of the packaging, appearance of the packaged product can be clearly delivered to the buyer.

    ➜ Cling films are capable of protecting the food from moisture & dust and keeping the edible hygienic & clean for long.


  • Benefits of Cling film packaging

    ➜ Cling film packaging offers better air tight & fine sealed packaging, which reduces the chance of spoiling by means of any bacterial attack.

    ➜ Tight packaging offers shock resistance to the contained food. This protects the food from spilling out.

    ➜ Cling film wraps facilitate safe and effective transportation of goods.


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