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  1. 1. Evolving Consciousness www.optimumfx.com
  2. 2. Intent & Why Share a model that describes a way of looking at how our consciousness evolves Link together the human needs and how we endeavour to fulfil these needs based on our level of consciousness Provide some ideas how each person can accelerate their rate of growth As we grow and have deeper understanding of ourselves we are able to contribute more and achieve our desired results more quickly
  3. 3. Moving through 4 levels of consciousness To Me Victim Excuses Lack of choice By me Take full responsibility Choice Achievement Through me Flow Intuitive Easy Aligned As me As one with world Feel part of everything Instant Karma Blame Control Attachme nt Externally Sourced Internally Sourced
  4. 4. The 6 Human needs Comfort zone, safeCertainty Difference and changeUncertainty (Variety) Feeling special & different to othersSignificance Connecting with other peopleConnection (Love) Expanding experiences / knowledge / awarenessGrowth Giving to othersContribution ParadoxParadox
  5. 5. Human needs with 4 levels consciousness To Me By me Through me As me Certainty Uncertainty (Variety) Significance Connection (Love) Growth Contribution Wants & expects security from others Lots of habits little to no change in life Scary experiences / movies Very incremental differences is enough Look for recognition from others even for small achievements Seek attention and connection. Give love to get it Believes has nothing to learn Dont need to know Experiential growth Give because should Give to avoid feeling of guilt if not giving Financial security Safety / Secure Defends oneself Exciting experiences Feel of losing some control, Adrenaline based activities Ego based Feel special and individual oneself Feeling I am greatest Give conditional love (Hold back in certain situations) Knowledge is everything. Opinionated & Clever Give to receive Expect something in return Belief in oneself regardless of surroundings, situation Adventure with little attachment to outcome Accepting that change is everywhere Deep realisation that everything is unique and special. Accepts & acknowledges them. Give connection and love unconditionally. Regardless of circumstances / history Very curious Open to new stuff Always a student of life Understand first Give for the pleasure of giving. Aware giving is a gift in itself F e a r l e s s A t P e a c e e v e r y t h i n g P a r t o f u n i v e r s e C o n n e c t t o e v e r y o n e I n s t a n t K a r m a
  6. 6. Evolving the Soul Raise Self Awareness Evolving actions Ecologicalaction AlwaysinChoice Personaldevelopment &selfdiscovery Meditation Choice of thought Inner Peace True Action Flow Congruent Fulfilment Self sourced Become more aware Evolve through self discovery Serve the world more effectively
  7. 7. Body High Vitality Peak Performer High energy Physical presence Healthy Body renewing Mind Mental alertness High creativity Open minded Positive attitude Inner peace Inspired action Fulfilment Exercise Healthy food choice Hydration Thai chi Martial arts Body flexibility / agility Spirit Mental alertness High creativity Open minded Positive attitude Inner stillness Perspective Self sourced Highly intuitive Learn/Teach new physical skill Learn/Teach new mental skill Pilates Meditation Knowledge based Interaction Reading / writing Listening / Watching / Talking Mindfulness Spiritual based Interaction Reading / writing Listening / Watching / Talking Completing A Physical Challenge Learning new language Life step Qualify, Job, Marriage Children, retirement Juicing Vegetable based Writing journal Increased presence Being in the now - Zen Universe perspective Incanting Positive mental attitude 100% responsible Team sports Being-ness (not knowledge) Amongst Nature Prayer Conscious Tools Awareness Habitual repetition Avoid Habitual Drugs, Alcohol Meat, Fatty food, Caffeine, Bingeing, Acid forming food Restful sleep Hypnosis Breath technique Growing Contributing Language & communication Avoid Habitual Back chat, Dishonesty, Know- all, Victim, Sameness Avoid Habitual Attachment to stuff (things), Ego behaviour Living in past & future, Planning Cleansing Detoxification Alkaline Steam/Sauna Massage Love making Connecting With others
  8. 8. What if? Every experience you have provides you an opportunity to grow and evolve, sometimes we choose to do this and sometimes not When we choose to take this journey consciously the rate increases dramatically As we evolve our natural ability to contribute to the world increases exponentially offering more value, significantly increasing contribution, increasing potential earning, whilst caring less about external stuff and being less attached to an outcome.


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