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1. Great Takeaway Examples 10 Complex Messages Cut to the Core 2. Every white paper, case study brochure or other piece of marketing boils down to one key takeaway. How do you say it a few words? Here are 10 examples from greatwriting client projects. 3. 1. Medullan digital healthcare solutions 2. Cognizant IT outsourcing 3. HubSpot marketing automation 4. SmartBear software quality automation 5. J.D. Associates retail operations automation 6. PinPoint Laser Systems precision alignment 7. Cognizant IT outsourcing 8. Metrigraphics ultra-miniature fabrication 9. Ascent Technology resource scheduling automation 10. Kaseya IT outsourcing Clients and Areas of Focus 4. Medullan digital healthcare In an unpredictable healthcare environment, its essential to ensure quality throughout the entire software lifecycle not just at the end. Quality software development companies use fully- instrumented in-house systems that speed delivery, reduce risk, and lower costs, leading to more robust solutions and better outcomes. Download >>> 5. Cognizant IT outsourcing So, how do you run your infrastructure as if it were a single cloud platform even though its really not? You adopt a hyperplatform a single cloud-based infrastructure and management layer that encompasses what most real-world IT operations actually consist of a diverse set of cloud platforms and legacy IT assets. Download >>> 6. HubSpot marketing automation Integrating HubSpot with a CRM lets you attract and win more and bigger customers based on who visits you online, when, how often, why, and what they did while there. Download >>> 7. SmartBear software quality automation Websites that act like desktops, with drag and drop functions, on- page calculators and other interactive features, pose special testing challenges. HTML5 is intended to simplify things by incorporating within HTML functions that previously required external plugins. The result, however, is an environment that is actually less tester friendly. Download >>> 8. J.D. Associates retail automation Key performance indicators only tell you how well you are performing. To actually improve retail performance you have to know three things when it comes to KPIs. 1. What a particular KPI is 2. What it means relative to your bottom line 3. How to control it Download >>> 9. Pinpoint Laser Systems precision alignment Laser light travels in a straight line. If you attach a laser transmitter to one assembly and a laser receiver to another, then the alignment of the two assemblies will equal the X/Y displacement of the laser beam at the receiver. And Microgage PRO measures all this with a precision of 0.0001 inch over distances of up to 180 feet. Download >>> 10. Cognizant IT outsourcing Your business would move much faster if legacy thinking did not hold you back. Thats thinking that IT must serve every user request instead of users serving themselves. Thats thinking that IT environments must take days to set up instead of minutes. And thats thinking that legacy systems, private clouds, and public clouds must be separate silos instead of seamless. Download >>> 11. Metrigraphics ultra-miniature fab You cant just make it smaller. Most components engineered to work at macro scale dont work at a 5-10 micron scale. Usually, they must be reinvented: to be manufactured in a new way, to function in a new environment, and to achieve a new level of electrical, mechanical or optical performance. Download >>> 12. Ascent Technology scheduling automation Think your scheduling issues are challenging? Then consider what managers at one of the mega resort casinos face whenever they schedule workers. An 8,000 strong hourly workforce, almost weekly business disruptions, and a myriad of work rules made efcient scheduling difcult for this billion-dollar casino. Not anymore. Download >>> 13. Kaseya IT outsourcing To make a cloud migration work companies need system management solutions based on a model specically aligned to cloud objectives such as scalability, capital preservation, and agility. Cloud migrations will not be successful if organizations cant deal with the real cloud rather than the one they see in TV commercials. Download >>> 14. Useful Links greatwriting.com blog.greatwriting.com iTunes podcast: http://bit.ly/wzpcVw @RandyCronk 15. Thank You!